Thursday, March 10, 2011


Where did all the white stuff go?
Did it have anything to do with the fact that it poured all night?
I almost tripped over this egg on my way to the barn.  Is was a lot bigger than the ones I usually find on the ground.  I wonder how it got there (5 feet in front of the gate to the paddock).
 Speaking of paddocks...how lovely is this????
It started to rain, so Mustafa went to the run-in and once again I put the hay nets under the shed roof.
It worked very well.
I always let Mustafa out when I finish chores, and he is most happy to be with the other horses.
Fortunately it stopped raining.  It was supposed to come down all day, but we were spared.

Does it look like this at your farm?
The flooded pasture was jammed with seagulls.
They were lovin' life with all that water.
I'm only letting the horses go in the back pasture (which is higher) so I can save the other three.
My yucca plant freed itself today.
Look what's popping up in the garden by the pergola.

Before lunch, I drove down to A Different Path Gallery to drop off some cards.  The dogs went with me.
After lunch it was time to organize the information needed so we can have our taxes done tomorrow.  What a pain in the butt.  I also filled out my first sales tax forms for my card business.  February was not too bad.  Now I need to come up with a marketing plan that will help me sell more.

Around 3pm I went outside for awhile.  It was 48 degrees but the wind made it feel colder than that.
90% of the snow was gone....of course we have not seen the last of it.
The ponies were looking just great after every one of them rolled in the mud.

Below, my friends, is one of Gary's garlic plants.  It is ready to shoot up fast.
Went out for evening chores about 6.  When I got back in the house Gary took us to dinner at 58 Main.
I had a coupon.  No cooking and a satisfying meal.

I just got an email from my friend Kendra, who sent along this photo. 
"While on my delightful trip to Florida, Donna created a meal from left-overs, the night before we were to leave for our drive home, and in true Skoog style, I photographed it, thinking of your blog.  At this point, it's not right up to the minute, as all your blog pages are, but I thought you'd enjoy it!  I certainly did."

Kendra is moving at the end of the month, and I hope she keeps sending me photos that I can post (got that Kendra).

Done at last.
Night all.


  1. Nice lake! Horse need to learn to swim:-) When I read "meltdown" I was preparing for the worst...glad it was just the snow.

  2. Our white stuff is gone too, and we have our sky back!
    Those tomatoes look delicious. I haven't even seen a nice red tomato in a long time!

  3. Oh I wish we had some of that rain here in Kenya, Lori. We left South Africa green and lush after three months of rains and came to EA in the grip of drought. I love Kendra's photo - yeah I always love your meals too. Your ponies are always so healthy and happy. Have a wonderful and warm weekend. Blessings Jo

  4. What a day. I understand the running, chores and the best part dinner out. Yeah. B

  5. The snow is gone, the plants are ready, the mud is . . .oh well. Don't you love to see those green shoots coming up?!

  6. The joys of mud! Love seeing that new green growth.

  7. At first I was a bit depressed seeing your new grass growing, but then quickly realized I wouldn't want those kinds of rain and mud. *ick to the muddy season* You said that you haven't see the last of the snow...how does the garlic survive? I would think it would freeze and die. Our weather is so different.

  8. I'm afraid our farm looks much the same as yours. After our rain storms the last two days the pond overflowed and we've got a mess. The barn aisle was also flooded, this rarely happens but I guess there's just no where else for the water to go. The ground is saturated.

    Love that old jukebox. Glad you had a nice dinner and didn't have to cook.


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