Monday, March 21, 2011


It started raining last night and was still doing so this morning.
 Felt damp and cold to me...so the pups wore their coats.

 Chores as usual....
I put some of the hay in nets under the shed roof and the rest in the paddock.
 Fortunately it stopped raining.

Gary and I had a 10 o'clock meeting down at the hospital for the Arts Festival project we are working on. It was very productive.  These flowers were blooming in one of the gardens.
 Home in time for lunch.  Phoebe was relaxing on Gary's favorite chair.
 Out on the back porch Seymour, Sid and L'orange were all taking advantage of the plush conditions inside their "cat house."

Gar went down to Jenny's to finish painting her bathroom, and had to meet the boys at the bus so they could come up here for dinner.
  I had everything ready when they arrived. 

 Gucci and Phoebe would not leave Finn alone.

Time to eat.  Salad and homemade pizza.  Both were delish.

 For dessert....ice cream (peanut butter/chocolate sundae) with the works.

Then it was time for me to go out and do chores.  Same old same old.
 Abbe is such a photogenic girl.

Before we went in the house, Gucci and Seymour put on a little show.

After dinner, Gary and the boys went out to play a little frisbee and got into some swinging.

Now it's time to watch some Dancing!  I'm outa here.
Night all.


  1. Love the header photo!

    We had a decent day today, so maybe you will as well tomorrow. We're due for mid 30s and heavy rain tomorrow - yuck!

  2. We have to stop this!! I made pizza for dinner last night!

  3. That pizza looks delish and I am sure the boys are glad to be out in some spring weather.

  4. Your the best mama to all those babies ever. They are sooo lucky. That home made pizza and salad looks great! Were still in the 80's here, maybe ya'll will be there soon.

  5. I love the header picture too! And of the pups piled on your grandson =)

    We are drying out here in southern Ohio, for now. They say Winter is coming back for the weekend.

  6. Lori, did you notice how the shark on your grandson's T-shirt is trying to eat Winny the Pooh's leg?

  7. Ohh, I don't know about the rain. I hate the mess and the chilly feeling. We don't get a lot of rain (normally). Can't imagine it this time of year, but I suppose you are glad to see the snow go.

  8. All the horses are photogenic and it is great to see grandpa and the kids having fun.

  9. That was a lot of photos in one day. I love to see the spring flowers in the garden and all your animals - like always :)So nice to see see the friendship between the cat and the dog in the little movie. To keep many animals gives us a lot of work - but it`s worth it.

  10. Love the wee videos, giving an extra flavor to your recap. There's a lot of love in your home.

  11. Abbe looking over the gate - one ear listening forward, the other back...not going to miss anything.

    How about Seymour and Gucci doing the "Bump!"

    Such sweet little boys...

  12. Seymour almost knocked Gucci over. He reminds me so much of my cat, Scatter. Love the way Abbe looks as if she is wearing lipstick. Cute pink lips!

  13. I love the fire in stove - it warmed me up just seeing it from my computer. I could feel your NE damp cold!

  14. Abbe is a very photogenic gal. Beautiful pictures. Love the one of Phoebe on the chair and of both of them in their coats. How can you stand so much cuteness everyday.


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