Monday, March 14, 2011


The first thing I saw when I went out to the barn this morning was a bunny.  Tracks have been all over the paddock and yard this winter.
Chores as usual....I love having this run-in for the horses.
Everything was status quo.

Gar was kind enough to come out and get the wheel barrows for me.
In case you didn't notice...we had snow again.

L'orange Marmalade was happy to look at it through the window.

At 1, there was a meeting at the Senior Center which I attended,  to get a couple of checks for our chorus director.  That lasted until 3, and then I headed up to the Rec Center for another meeting regarding the summer Arts Festival.  Aren't the snow patterns interesting (as I was leaving the rec center)...it looks like they were painted on the photo.  Home after 4:30.
The kitties and pups relaxed while I did a few simple things for dinner.
Monday night!  Jen and the boys....

Gar got a good fire going and I worked on some soup and panini(s).  Once again I forgot to take pictures.  We had some of that spectacular chocolate cake for dessert.

Then, I went out to do evening chores.  Naturally it was the only sunny part of the day.
Tomorrow it may hit 50, and 60 on Thursday...just might faint.
Maybe the paddock and pastures will start to dry up.
The ponies could just not get in enough rolling....again.

This was Abbe's dinner tonight (along with her hay).  1 pound of grain, a carrot, a chunk of apple and half a pear (it was getting soft so I gave it to the horses).  They are all spoiled rotten.

Jenny picked the paddock for me and got some of the mud off Masterpiece.

It was almost dark when we got back to the house.

Finn and Cooper were trying to coax Sidney out from behind the couch.  They used a ball of yarn.
It didn't work.

In the meantime, two puzzles got dumped out of a book...Jen and Gary put them back together.
Cooper almost got stuck in the stool.
They left around 8 and here I am....still.

Yesterday we performed (see yesterday's post) with another chorus (Spencerport Community) at the end of our program.  There were about 70 of us and we sang one song together.  Today, a recording was sent to me, so I recorded it while it was playing on my computer and put it on my Journal.
The screen is black....I did not have the energy to do something fancy.  If you are interested in hearing it, turn off my radio (at the very bottom of my blog) and have a listen.  Music is good for the soul!
"You Raise Me Up" (Josh Grobin).

It's going on 10pm...time for Harry's Law, and I intend to watch it!
Night all.


  1. Love your pictures and how your day went. The first pic grabbed my attention because we don't have any bunnies here! they are all eaten by foxes i think! Or they re just hiding...


  2. Do you think we will ever get our weather coordinated? We were warm today, cooler tomorrow and rain starting Friday. I guess that'll be good for the rhubarb and strawberries. - and I'm with you, rhubarb pie straight up, or rhubarb compote on the side...

  3. I love visiting your farm and going through your day with you, Lori. Lovely dinner for Abbe and I love the peace and harmony that you see prevailing in your home. Pets, adults, children all look so calm and at home! I love L'orange in the header photo. Have a great day. Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

  4. Your weather sounds like ours for the next couple of days. It is starting to dry out -- just in time for some rain on the weekend. :)

  5. We are full of mud and snow melt...the snow is 3 ft deep on some north hillsides.

    48 today?
    Freezing at night...mudsville right now!

  6. Snowing here today! At least the snow this time of year is only around for a day or two. Enjoyed the chorus!


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