Saturday, February 12, 2011


Like we have not had enough!!!!

Barb and I did chores together this morning.  We were thrilled to see more snow.

It's not even the middle of February....ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put the dogs in....they were covered with snow.  Fortunately it was in the 20s.

I wanted to go to Wegmans before drumming... just before I left a huge squall passed through.

Does this look familiar or what?

Crazy weather.  Made it home and when I got in the car to go down to the college, the sun was out.  3 miles down the road it was like a blizzard.

There were 14 of us there today.

Khalid gave us a real work out and I finally started to catch on more quickly.

                                                                            Here is an example of what we worked on.


Back home about 4:30.  Three hours of drumming did a number on me.

The fire was going, I didn't have chore duty....Jenny was on her way for dinner....

All my pals were vegging.

L'orange Marmalade invited me to a photo shoot.

I'm quite sure he was a house cat before.

 He's lovin' life.

The hibiscus blossom has opened a little bit more.

Dinner?  A huge salad.  Red romaine lettuce, chicken, craisins, pears, apples, onion, walnuts and a little crumbly blue.

Jen brought a loaf of crusty 7 grain bread...a perfect combo.

A couple of hours were spent introducing Gary to his new laptop computer.

Jen was the perfect teacher.

She brought us these beautiful roses for Valentine's Day.

Spring is on the way?

Night all!


  1. I don't know how you drive in that weather, Lori, but the drumming sounds great.
    L'Orange just gets more handsome every day.

  2. Of course, I love your study of L'orange. He is one happy cat!

    What a nice cozy evening...

    Beautiful flowers!

  3. Great pictures of l'Orange! ...well, great pictures overall as usual. Sorry about the snow. I'm trying my hardest to send you some of our sunshine...

  4. Cara Lori...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!

    You don't mind if I just LOVE your wonderful white snow ...right??

    GORGEOUS PICS, I really can feel the cold and snowflakes!!!!!

    BRAVISSIMI.... Drumming is MUSIC....FANTASTIC!!!!!! You have got a fabulous teacher!!!!

    From the roses to your dinner: VERY, very lovely....You bet: I come over for Your colourfull salad !!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  5. I hope you get some of this warm up that we easing into! A break from all of that snow. L'Orange may never leave the house again! Looks like he is settling in. Your drumming class looks like so much fun! Enjoyed the video.


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