Wednesday, February 23, 2011

0.....AS IN ZERO


All the trees looked like they were sprayed with water and frozen.

Fortunately the sun was workin' it's magic and things started warming up quickly.

Grained the ponies and got them out for hay.

The shadows were very dramatic.

Once again, my small critters invited me to take their pictures.


Topper picked Gary up at 1:30 and they were off to work out at a gym.

I ran a couple of errands and went over to Jeff's to learn a few more things about drumming.  On March 4th, 6 of us from the Skoog Farm Drum Jam are going to Jamestown to participate in an interactive workshop with Jim Donovan of Rusted Root fame.  Should be a fun experience.  Today I had the opportunity to spend some time working with bells and a shaker.  It will add a lot of texture to our ensemble.

Home after 4:30.  The ponies were loving the late afternoon glow.

With it light so much later, I did not go out to do chores until 5:45.

Back in the house around 6:15 and waited for Jen to come up for dinner.
Kevin and the boys are in Fredonia for a couple of days.

I made a salad...

Jen brought up some of her quick bolognaise sauce.  Delish.

So much for today.  I could not resist digging out the flower photos that were posted below.  Reminded me of what is yet to come.....(got a little carried away).
Night all.


  1. Your banner pictures are the best! Also, today was a great day for your picture taking - really nice shots.
    Here's my selfish side - I'm seeing so many blogs where spring has hit and we're in two feet of snow. It does my heart good to see you're the same :)

  2. Geez, I hope it warms up at Skoog Farm soon!
    Love the afternoon glow.

  3. What a day for spectacular shots...so dramatic!
    Sid and all the textures in the Header, are awesome.
    Your special music jam is very exciting sounding, in March. Love planning things for March...SPRING TIME.

  4. Just enjoyin your pictures. Love the light affect and all your critters out and about!

  5. That looks too cold!! Hope you enjoyed your drumming!

  6. Love the frosty branches, the great light and shadows, and of course your animals!


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