Friday, May 19, 2017

It's Dandy Lion Time

Today was only 30 degrees cooler than yesterday....just 30 degrees.

The iris have started to appear....two different varieties so far.

Everywhere I look, there are dandelions about 8 inches tall.

I was in the mood for spags and meatballs so I invited Jenny and Scott to dinner.

The pasta was done just right...yum.  Good sauce and lots of meatballs.

 Brownie "pie" for dessert....loaded with walnuts and served with a scoop of ice cream.
 (new flowers for my table)
Can ya see all those dandy lions?

Night all.


  1. And blow the tops off to tell the time. Beautiful iris blooms, and one colour together makes them really show off so well.

  2. 30 degrees is a big difference in a day. Glad we're cooling off today too. 90's again yesterday. I've been growing my own personal dandy lion farm here too. I'm happy to report they're doing very well and multiplying like crazy!


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