Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Better Than I Expected...

A heavy duty, misty, foggy morning.

 As the sun got higher in the sky it burned off and...

 voila!  It was shining into the barn all over the place.

 The temperature went down into the 30s last night so Karen put blankets back on the girls.
This in between time is a pain in the butt.
As soon as Maggie went out in the pasture she rolled in the ditch!  What a nut!

 It's a darn good thing there was some solar heat coming on.

 I started organizing the back porch and when I finished, I caught Sophie rolling around enjoying the weather.

I had a 1pm meeting at the Village Hall regarding an upcoming project possibility being worked on by the College, Town and Village.  I don't believe there has ever been a better relationship between all three and it is a total pleasure to work with this group of people.
 These flowers were blooming in the garden outside the building.
 A very good sign.
 I got back to the farm around 3:30 and started working on dinner.
First I par boiled some organic chicken with celery, carrots and onions.  After removing the chicken I added a little more chicken stock and orzo and it's all set for tomorrow's dinner.
Then I put the chicken in a pie plate and added soy sauce and a balsamic vinaigrette (my salad dressing), dumped in a chopped onion and two chopped carrots, fresh ground pepper and slathered on a little honey mustard.  Covered it with another pie plate and baked it for 45 minutes or so.
 While it was baking I took the pups out for a little jaunt.

 All the animals were enjoying the sunshine and Gary was loading up his last wheel barrow with sticks and pine boughs.  The yard is totally finished!  It only took 4 days....poor guy.

 I served the chicken with mashed potatoes and a salad....yum.
Night all.


  1. Cats really know how to find the sun and relax don't they. That blanket was some big mess when Maggie got done rolling. Glad the sun was out. We had a good day too, full of sunshine. Hope it lasts for a while.

  2. Yummy food,pity about the muddy fun. And sunshine to bask in, all are so happy there.

  3. Love those sunrise pictures - it looks to have been. Beautiful morning!

  4. Hi Lori, good to see everything still well over at your place...it has been a while since I had been blogging.

  5. My critters are rolling and starting to shed, the mud seems to be their natural beauty treatment.
    Love the crocuses! I have about 4 in my yard, hope to have more next year!


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