Sunday, July 17, 2016

Eliza Jean Ketchum...A Celebration of Life

A few days ago I wrote a post in Memory of Eliza.
Today I attended the Celebration of Her Life.... and believe me, it was some celebration.
 Eliza, who was born in Korea in 1988, was adopted by Pam and Greg Ketchum.  As you can see, she was adorable from the start.
She passed away suddenly last week and today hundreds who loved her went to the Morgan Manning House to celebrate her life.
 She was a nurse at Strong Hospital, while studying to become a nurse practitioner.

 The setting was perfect.  We were outside under the trees and all the tables were beautifully set, each with vases of flowers holding pictures of Eliza.
 Everything was to begin at 2pm, but at least 50 people were there by 1:30 when I arrived.
Below is my good friend Sally (you have met her so many times).
 She is the mother of Pam, and Eliza's grandmother.

 For many years, Eliza had been giving piano lessons...the last recital was on June 19th (last month).
Several of her students performed.

That was followed by Steve Ketchum and Mark Ketchum playing "Amazing Grace."
 Below is Eliza's brother, Miles.

 Rev. Boring led the service.
 Ann Panning, Eliza's friend, neighbor and Piano parent,
had many things to reflect on and was the first to speak.

 20 of Eliza's relatives came up from Florida to attend the celebration.

 Below is Todd, Eliza's Uncle (Sally's son and Pam's brother).  He read a very moving letter written by his father.
 He was followed by Jamie Corcoran, RN and Eliza's co-worker and friend.
Another friend also spoke. They were very close to Eliza and knew her well.

Her Uncle Mark wrote a special song for her.

 Fortunately, there were some light moments throughout that brought a smile to our faces.
Not an easy day for this family.
 Mark Olivieri, Eliza's piano teacher, played several times during the program.

 I'd say there were about 400 people there.

This is Eliza's brother Elliott.

 The woman below is Barb's sister.
 There was a lot of hugging going on.  This community gave it's all today.

 After the service it was time for beautifully prepared food from Java Junction and The Red Bird.

 I don't think Pam ever got a chance to eat.

 This strong woman has so much spirit!  Look at her!

And that's all she wrote.
Rest in peace Eliza.


  1. It's easy to see she was much loved and touched many hearts.


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