Thursday, January 21, 2016

Plowing Ahead...

 Compared to recent mornings, today felt pretty good.

 The sky had a few beautiful moments and then we ended up with some squalls here and there.

 I spent much of the afternoon reading and at 4pm
Mary and I went down to the Town Garage to meet with Brian, the 
Highway Superintendent.  We are trying to learn as much as possible
and spent two and a half hours absorbing information.  Part of 
the time was spent touring the facility, which was impeccable.
 I never realized how HUGE these trucks are.  No way could I even attempt to get in one without a stool or LADDER!  They look much smaller when they are plowing the road in front of our house.
 Mary was kind enough to model for me so you could get the right perspective.
The moon was very bright when I left for Wegmans.  Too late to make dinner.
 You can get a humungus cheese pizza for ten bucks so that is what I got.
Gary made a salad and we were good to go.
Have to go finish my book.
Night all.


  1. They really are bigger in person than they look flying down the road! Our Wegmans was out of EVERYTHING in front of the storm that's coming your way -- Stay safe, and warm, and I hope you get to finish that book! :-)

  2. Are you guys supposed to get a lot of snow from the big storm? I'm so jealous of the people getting two feet. Did you see the episode of Cook's Country with the apple pie with cheddar crust? I'm trying it tomorrow. They've had so many recipes this season I've wanted to make!

  3. Those trucks are big! But they get the job done. Hope you don't get a lot of snow. We're in for a few inches Sat. night into Sun. It will be the first big one this year. Stay warm. I'll be joining you reading my book too.


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