Monday, February 16, 2015

You Are My Sunshine....

Another frigid start to the day...-5 without the windchill.

 The flowers from Allison are still
  beautiful and bring light to the

 Between the sunshine and the lack of wind, the girls were able to stay outside all day.  Even tho I had two pair of gloves on, my hands were still freezing.

After chores I went to Agape.  Had not been there since December 22nd, just before I got sick with the worst cold ever (that lasted for 4 weeks).  It's going to take awhile for me to build up my minutes on the elliptical.
The streets in the village were very slick, as it was too cold for the salt to work.
 Took it easy when I got back to the farm after making a quick stop at Wegmans.  Fire and a movie.

Out to do chores a little early.  The Florida Babes have turned into tough cookies and seem very capable of handling this very cold winter.

 Abbe was ready for dinner and a relatively cozy stall.  The temp in the barn was in the teens.

 (Notice that the snow pile is as high as the top of my car).
 No school for Finn and Coop today and Jenny was off as well.  She called and wanted to bring up a pizza for dinner.  Of course we thought that was a good idea.

 I made a salad and forgot to take a picture of the pizza...except for this one little corner.
 Finn and Coop were having a little difficulty sitting still for a shot or 6.

 After dinner we got out 5 drums and had a little jam session.

We made so much noise the dogs went to the other end of the house.
It is now -4 degrees and still getting colder.
Bundle up!
Night all.

Here's a video from last night, of my other cousin....Jim.
Not quite the same as the original Blues Brothers, but they have played all over the country.  Got some good laughs during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show.  Don't you love King Tut?


  1. Same weather here...again.

    Love Steve Martin and King Tut!

  2. First visit in a while.... glad you are recup'ed. Isn't this weather a pain?! I imagine the drumming warmed things up a bit. Good to see Jenn playing. BTW.. the 'boychiks' [Yiddish word] are sweet. Cheers, Stan

  3. Your pics are beautiful, but oh, so cold! Just heard the other day that this February will go into the record books for the warmest ever on record. I have daphne and daffodils in bloom, and our fruit trees are in bud. If we get a late winter cold snap now, our fruit harvest will suffer. I hope you guys thaw out and warm up soon. All that cold and snow just makes so much more work, especially where the animals are concerned. Your grandsons (?) are adorable Lori!

  4. Boy you have a pile of snow! I think we had a pile nearly as tall as the outhouse one year. This year we dodged the massive snows --- thank goodness and it seems some of the real nasty cold too. It will be frigid until the weekend, but I can live with that.
    I'm so glad you are feeling better!


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