Sunday, February 1, 2015

Supporting Rocco....

 Same old same old.  Snowing and blowing. 
 We decided to put most of the hay in nets so it would not blow away.

 There goes Karen in her new car...she is very happy to have it since her other one was declared "totaled" after being hit head on a couple weeks ago.
Our shovels are ready and waiting for whatever is coming next.
 Sidney loves to spend the day in the house...and most of the night too.  He curls up on the corner of our bed and snoozes for hours.
 Gary and I had homemade veggie subs for lunch.  Then he split some wood and got ready to go down to the fundraiser for Rocco Salamone.
 I put the girls in a little before 4.  They toughed it out most of the day and Karen was coming back to grain them and add more warm water to their buckets.

This is the Salamone family....Rocco is on the right.  For many years he was the head football coach at SUNY Brockport. Tonight there was a fundraiser for him as he is going through another bout with cancer.  This community loves him and turned out in force.  So did many others through GoFundMe.
 There must have been 500 people there.

 They had a huge screen available to all those who wanted to stay and watch the Super Bowl.

 Many of these photos are of Jenny and Steph's friends (several were my students).

I needed a translator to figure out how this thingy works.
Gary has one of the squares.
Can't say enough about the way our community has come through for this family.  It is going to make a big difference and is greatly appreciated.  Just one more reason for me to love this place.
The Salamone's deserve all of out support.
It is now 13 degrees and going south.
Night all.


  1. I think I goofed and hit the wrong button signing up for Google +. Does anyone know how to get rid of it on a mac?

  2. I don't know anything about the Google + button, but I do know that I've enjoyed your snow photos today! I've wondered where our snow has gotten too, and now I know! I also love when a community comes together and supports someone! We have that in our town too, and it always reminds me of the generosity, kindness and goodness of people!

  3. Don't know how to help with the Google + problem, sorry. Snowing and blowing here today, about 7 inches so far. This is getting old real fast.

  4. My friends suggest to ask Google or go to you tube and look for a you tube to answer you question

  5. My friends suggest you ask Google or look for an You Tube tutorial. Stay warm.

  6. It looks like all of the USA's winter has decided to descend on your city!

    As far as the Google plus thing, I dont know if you can go back, but I am finding it not as bad as thought it would be :)


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