Monday, February 9, 2015

No Breakfast For Phoebe...

Lots of snow by this morning...and it never stopped all day long.

 Karen and Gary did morning chores as I had to have Phoebe at the Brockport Animal Hospital by 8 to have her teeth scaled.  Gucci came along for the ride when I dropped her off.

 The roads were not the greatest.
 Home by 8:30.
 The girls had a long day in the snow.

 I must have swept the steps off 4 times today.
 It's a good thing we invested in a snowblower...(we have shoveled for 34 years) and this week it was put to good use.  Today I learned how to use it.
 Picked up Phoebe at 2:30.  Fortunately her mouth was in pretty decent shape.  She took a nap on the way home, all snuggled up in her quilt.
 Had a good fire going all day.

 Eventually she went outside with Gucci, but I could see she was still feeling the effects of going under.
 Chores a little after 5.

 The snow pile by the paddock gate is now over 5 and a half feet high.
 It was still pretty light when I got back to the house.
 The tulips are still looking good.
 Simple dinner.
 Pasta with veggie sauce and a salad.
15 degrees and boy! am I getting tired of all this white stuff.
Night all.


  1. I wouldn't mind a few of those flakes, but not that much!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad all turned out safe and Phoebe's teeth were good. Morris just had his done and he's good for a while yet.
    We had some snow melt and freezing back up going on. But all the critters were taking snow baths today.
    OH! And our little pony mini horse is beginning to shed!

  3. Hope you get a break in the weather soon! (And that looks like a delicious dinner to me.)

  4. Oh my goodness! we've heard on the news about all the snow you are getting over there. Your photographs really do show that the white stuff has really dumped on you. Take care, keep warm.

  5. Inside sure looks cozier than out! It is National Dental Month. So good your pearly whites cleaned
    Lily & Edward


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