Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello Sunshine!

 Not all that bad this morning.  While I was doing more snow shoveling, Karen cleaned my stalls!  What a treat.

 After finishing up, I made a quick trip to Wegmans and the bank so I could grab a shower before class.  Just got finished in the nick of time.

Last week I posted a painting Len was working on...
He added the boat in the foreground and it really tied things together.
 Now he is working on this.
 He  has made great progress and continues to work with a limited palette.

 Shamra and Tina continued to work with colored pencils.

After they left I started a batch of Corn Chowder.  This crazy weather has made me hungry for it.
 Made a huge pot.
 The afternoon sun was gorgeous and I'm sure the horses appreciated a little solar heat.

 Out to feed at 5:15...still so bright.

 It's going to take a l o n g time to get rid of all this snow.
 The moon was starting to rise when I left the barn, but I just couldn't get a crisp shot with my point and shoot.
 The chowder tasted great.
 Now that it's dark, the moon is very bright.  Might have to get out my other camera.
15 degrees, headed for 33 tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. I like the longer afternoons, too. We've got a lot of snow, too, but at least it improves the footing for the horses.

  2. Corn chowder sounds sooo good! Beautiful color in the sunrise photos! Most of our snow melted yesterday after I went on and on about the thaw being over!

  3. Very white with a tint of black or grey, guess the troop loved that afternoon sunshine.

  4. I had a beautiful day snow shoeing in the woods. I got quite warm even though it was only 15 out! The snowfall we got was just perfect and beautiful.

  5. Oh the chowder looks just perfect with the winter photos. What a treat to have help with the chores. I do wish you could get a break in the weather. We are getting more warm days than you and I think you deserve some. Your art class must be something they look forward to.


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