Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunshine...Food For My Brain...

 All day long....

 Chorus at 10.  The music we are singing this semester is VERY challenging.
Stopped to look at what Gary has done at The Cafe (The Center).  All the wallpaper is off, the walls have been patched and now he is putting on the primer.  It's going to be a great space when it's all done.
 Ran a couple of errands and got home in time for a quick lunch before an afternoon of bridge.  Enjoyed playing, since I missed it earlier this month when I was sick.  Jean and I tied for 2nd place.
 The sun was starting to go down as I drove home.

 Chores at 5:30.

 Surprise, surprise!  When I got back in the house Gary informed me that the furnace was not working and Scott was on his way up to repair it.  Fortunately he was able to take care of it in under an hour and the heat is on!

Leftover pasta for dinner...
 with a salad made by Gary.
 Tasted great to me.  Do you eat your leftovers?
 Time to get my butt up to the fire.
Night all.


  1. I'm a big fan of leftovers. I make soup or a stew in my crockpot about once a week, and freeze a bunch to use later - helps on those days I ride the whole afternoon long!

  2. Hello Lori. I think my favourite part of Christmas is foraging for cold leftovers on Boxing Day.


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