Monday, November 3, 2014

Spa Day at the OK Corral

The cold just keeps making the morning skies more beautiful.

 After chores were finished, I got out my trusty plastic pipes and brought over the blankets from the other barn.  With a little baling twine on each end they work beautifully. The weather is so unpredictable it's much more convenient to have them next to the stalls instead of hanging in the grooming room.
 The girls were nude today, and the temperature went up to 57.
 Drove to Batavia for a 2pm dental appointment.  By then the sky was full of cotton balls.
 Love those back roads.
 On the way home I stopped at Dawn's to pick up a couple dozen eggs...can't beat 'um.
 After that it was Weggies and back to the farm.

Gary had picked the remaining carrots...was peeling them and cut them into rounds so they could be frozen for winter soups and stews.
 It was just about dark when I went out to do evening chores at 5:10.  Must admit that even tho this is not the greatest, the mornings have been so much better.
Every single horse was filthy.  Especially "Snow White."

 Tucked them in....
 and scraped off Abbe.

 Got off easy with dinner.  Made some homemade lomain and picked up some Sesame Chicken at Weggies.  Tasted so good.
Night all.


  1. Lots of 'cotton' sky right there.

  2. Moms on her way over for spa day, her and the horsies
    Lily & Edward


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