Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maybe This Was My Last Trike Ride!

After chores, the sun came out for a minute so I decided to go for a trike ride.
 Left the farm a little after 10 and I think you will figure out where I went.

 Look at who was running on Hollybrook Road.

 Almost all the water has been drained out of the canal for the winter.
  Gary drove down to get me so I would not have to ride back up the hill (I'd already ridden 7 or 8 miles so that was fine with me).  He hates loading my trike into the van....
 We went to the Stone Yard for lunch and split a Cubano.
 Night all.
It is 60 degrees here.


  1. What a beautiful ride. Love seeing all of those old buildings and houses.

  2. That third wheel really comes in handy for taking photos while riding : ) Gary is such a dearheart. Google doesn't think that is a real word.

  3. Great ride! Love the Victorians and the old buildings as well.

  4. Beautiful buildings, pedal, then stop for a photo or two, pedal some more, Gary, you are a great guy to do the pick-up. and draining the canal? is this so it doesn't get used, or freeze? or some other reason? I'll Google and find out. Jean.

  5. Oo la la, Brockport has some really beautiful houses!
    You cycled 7 or 8 miles? I think that would probably kill me!
    PS I haven't been commenting much recently, but I have been checking up on you and was really glad to see that you missed the snow that hit Buffalo

    1. You could easily cycle 7 or 8 miles. I could have gone many more and so could you. I did vote for your blog the other day....


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