The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Saturday, November 29, 2014


I  sure have been a lazy bum.
 P R E D I C T I B L E
 The day after turkey sandwich with cranberry orange relish....
 and waldorf salad.
 Sat by the fire most of the afternoon and actually started reading.
Chores just before dark.

 Filled the water buckets, fed the girls....went to make the beet pulp for morning and the water hydrant would not work!  Yikes!  Nothing happened when I pulled the handle up or down.  Is the barn going to flood while we are sleeping?  Called the man who installed it 30 years ago and he will be on the scene in the morning.  As soon as Gary gets home he will turn off the valve so I won't have to worry.  Fortunately it is supposed to be 50 or 51 tomorrow.

No turkey for dinner.
 Chili, cornbread and a salad.
Night all.


  1. Looks tasty. Why is it water problems always happen when it's cold out...

  2. Hope the pump gets fixed, could it have frozen some parts inside? We have had brass tap fitting freeze, the water timers crack, after some frosts. lovely meal, as always. Happy post-Thanksgiving, Jean.

  3. We had the warm weather and things that melted are now going to the deep freeze...back to about 4 degrees by this afternoon and very very windy.
    The pump may have frozen down inside. We had that happen one winter when we had no snow cover. We did some jury riggin' ... it was a mess.
    I hope after this melt that we get a nice snow cover and insulating the ground around it with some straw wouldn't hurt!
    Let us know how it goes! Water is so important!


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