Sunday, November 9, 2014

Four Little Piggies....

A little milder this morning.

 A good day for pasture picking....
 while Maggie entertained me.

 The grass is still hanging in there.  This coming week we are supposed to have 4 nights in a row under 30....maybe some snow.

 Here is the dirtiest little piggie. (Berlin is just getting up from rolling in the background).

 After we finished chores, Karen and I went over to Apple Creek Farm to get some apples for ourselves and the horses.

 Even to the orchard has been picked, there were many still on the trees and a gazillion on the ground that were in great shape.
 On the way home I stopped at Brenda and Al's.  Tootsie Louise was happy to see me.

 When I got back to the farm, Gary picked some beets for me...which I pickled.  Then he got the rest of them out of the garden and I boiled another pot to be finished tomorrow.
 The afternoon sun was gorgeous.

 Chores just before dark.

 Grooming is in order for tomorrow morning.

 I had plenty of time to cook tonight.
 Organic BBCued Ribs, coleslaw
 and some of our acorn squash.
 Very messy, but very good.
Time to go out by the fire.
Night all.


  1. Hmmm, we have beet pulling and cooking in common! I'm roasting mine.

  2. Loved Maggie playing in the puddle! We had a horse once who loved to do that. In winter he would break the ice and roll in the puddle. You do have some grooming ahead. So do we, so much mud and burrs.

  3. I always love seeing photos of your barns and you didn't disappoint today : ) I could spend all day in that sunny room!


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