Friday, November 14, 2014

A Much Better Day....

 Starting with the sunrise.

 Very cold with some frost and a few flakes on the ground.

 When it started to snow I put some hay in the indoor, so the spoiled girls could get out of the weather.

 We moved the water trough to it's winter spot so I could have the heater ready when the water starts freezing.  I only keep it on during the day, and cover the trough with plywood at night.
 In spite of the temperature, the water did not freeze today, and it was off.
 At 10am I had a meeting with Deanna, who will be working down at The Center during this transition time.  We made a lot of progress and I think there will be many good things coming up.
We are back on a roll.
I was able to get 3 computers and a flat screen tv donated and they will be delivered on Monday!
A big thanks goes to Duane Beckett at Sunnking for his generosity!
 Did a little shopping on the way home, and when I got here...had to start a cozy fire...which motivated me to start on dinner.
It was getting pretty ugly out there, so I went out to do chores a little early.

 Winter has to be so boring for them.

 They really like being out of the wind and in their humungo stalls at night.
 Loved dinner.  Sloppy Joes, corn and a carrot/apple/grape/walnut salad.
 We had dinner theater...watched an English movie called "Scape Goat."
 You already know I'm into twinkie lights.  It's time to pull down the morning glory vines on the back porch.
For years I had a big branch hanging over this window in the kitchen...there were all kinds of twinkie lights, ribbons and horses hanging from it.  Two weeks ago it crashed to the floor, so I made a little adjustment.  Why not?
Night all.


  1. Good progress with your plans. Computers and a TV is a great donation.

    Had a few inches of snow at the barn overnight and it's really cold here. Doesn't seem to bother the horses though.

    Love your twinkle lights.

  2. So glad things are back on track. Beautiful sunrise, and love the twinkle lights!

  3. Glad your week is ending on a good note!

  4. Sunrise and those lights, home theatre, all sounds so wonderful to me, and a sprinkle of snow, wonderland, we have had it at our place just twice !!! And it melted each day,I think it is like a fairy wonderland, but then no shovelling, no real slushy mess for days on end. Here we have gale winds, roaring in the tree tops, fire is going, and this is almost our summer. Take care, cheers from Jean

  5. Beautiful pictures! Here in Ohio we have had just a few snow flakes so far.

  6. The twinkling lights and the warm fire are just so welcoming. Sounds like a very good day.


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