Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ponies, Dinner and a Movie

We hit 70 degrees today and had a high wind advisory.  When I went out to the barn it felt pretty chilly and the hay had to go near the fence so it would not get blown away.


 The bright sun eventually helped and the sheets came off... the girls were loving it.

 Now maybe the grass will start to grow.

Gary worked at Sara's this morning and I started on some Sloppy Joes for dinner.  (Our monthly meal with the Klines and Cretneys).

 I managed to start cleaning out one of the gardens and Gary helped when he got home.
 Finally, our first bit of color.
 Took a quick shower and went out to put the ponies in before everyone got here at 6:30.

 The temperature may be near 60 for a week, with rain expected on 4 of the days.

Tonight's meal was a picnic of sorts.

 Sloppy Joes, sweet potato salad, chips and Gary's homemade dill pickles.

We had dessert and a movie...."The Blues Brothers."  Can't believe it dates back to 1980.  Lots of laughs, great music and too many car chases.

John grew up in a surburb outside of Chicago... wonder if it had any influence on the setting of this movie.  In high school he played football and was the drummer in a band.  It was at "Second City," where he really got his start.  Always was dramatic and entertaining, even as a kid.

I'm pooped.
Night all.


  1. What a gorgeous day. Here too. Love seeing those manes blowing in the wind :)

  2. A crocus! Warm air! Please send some our way. Yesterday was frigid and windy and brrrrrrr. Still snow in our yard. Ready for some fleurs! xx

  3. Always cozy here ~ ahh.
    The sloppy Joes looked YUM.
    Isn't it nice to get some warm weather FINALLY.

  4. Thanks for another look into the full life you live. And didn't Pippi Longstocking (our Swedish relative) have a spotted horse just like yours?

  5. Dear Lori, thank you for this oasis of peace and beauty in the midst of a busy day here. Peace.

  6. What a lovely portrait of all three horses that first photo is!

  7. I always love to come here for a visit. It refreshes the spirit to be away from offices and corporate building and all the hard, immovable concrete. Open land, gigantic blue skies, happy ponies enjoying the sun on their skin. Instant peace and harmony. Thank you for being here and sharing these wonderful gifts.

  8. Nice header.
    So jealous of your crocus - we are expecting a big snow.

  9. Wow... that necklace is quite a donation. The sun and green looks wonderful. Still so winter here. -20* this morning.


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