Friday, April 26, 2013

Now It Really Feels LIke Spring...

 This misty morning turned into a splendiforous day.

 After slacking off all week, I finally made it to Agape.  Took my kindle and covered up the timer on the elliptical and worked for 16 minutes straight.  That's the longest for me so far.  Took a 5 minute break and did 7 more minutes....was I red faced and sweating or what?????
 On the way home I grabbed a picture of the Canal for Auntie Reg.  It is now filled with water for the season.

 I had a 2:30 appointment in Rochester for my annual check up with the dermatologist...
 passed this sweet baby over at Bridle Wreath Farm.
 Everything was ok and I got back to the farm around 4.
 This is the little yard off the kitchen.  There is a covered deck that is perfect for the dogs and kitties.
 Gary was hungry for a fish fry,
 so we went down to the Bergen Family Restaurant.  (The pup above and his buddy were waiting for their owners to finish dinner).  This is one of those real townie joints and it was standing room only.
 Fed the girls when we got home.

I am so tired!
Night all.


It's the time of year when Sankofa performs to sold out crowds (May 2,3,4 and 5).
I grabbed these shots from an email sent out by the college.  Do you recognize Clyde from the Saturday drumming photos I have posted?  He is the choreographer and Khalid is the artistic director.
 If you enjoy African Dance and Drumming....there is nothing like this.

I will do a photo shoot on Wednesday night.  Can't wait.
Wish I could take all my blogging buddies with me....I know you would love it.


  1. Lori- Thanks for the shot of the canal, beautiful. Are you working out longer on the elliptical so you can dance Wednesday night?! I can see you dancing in the last picture. :-))

  2. What a good day and I'm so glad that Spring has found you!!

    I'd love to see Sankofa perform!!!

  3. Lovely photos, the yards are greening up, flowers blooming, what are the orange bell-like ones?Beautiful dance, enjoy it for us all. Greetings from Jean.

  4. Oh I KNOW I would love it!! Looks fantastic! Love the spring photos too. We are finally feeling it here and there is so much to do to catch up now.


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