Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's All Part of the Deal....

Another beautiful morning....colder than I expected with ice on the water trough.
 I'm sure all of us horse people have many things in common.
 Like wheelbarrows, forks, rakes, brooms and buckets.
 Dirty blankets and feeders.
 Mats and bedding.
 Fresh air....
 and windows full of dust and other things.
 A barn kitty or three.
 How about a basketball rim in the paddock....
 All three girls left the hay and went out to the back pasture.

 Look at those blue Colorado skies....it was that way all day long.
 This is the barn the horses live in....my barn.

 I call this Gary's barn.  That red door takes you into the tack room which also has two stalls.  There is a run-in behind it and the front part facing the house is loaded with his "stuff".

 Hopefully we all have enough hay for our critters.  Ours is stored in the loft and we throw down several bales at a time (this is before finishing up this morning, so it is not too pristine).
 lots of clips
 and food for our little buddies.
 Remember, this barn is over a hundred years old....check out those beams.
 We had to break through a cement paddock to bring water to the barn....what a great move.
 Do you all have a dusty old radio?

 It never warmed up, so the sheets stayed on.

 I went down to the college for drumming...a good turnout.
Need to learn this new pattern.

Stopped at Weggies on the way home...company for dinner tomorrow night and I needed to pick up a bunch of stuff.  Started tonight's meal when I got home a little before 5.

I had par boiled some organic chicken thighs with an onion and put them in a pie plate.  Added some low sodium Kikoman Soy Sauce,  a splash of orange juice and topped them off with a spoon of apricot jam (threw in some raw carrots). 
 Covered it with another pie plate and put it in the oven while I went out to do chores.
 Also made my version of lomain.  Put about three inches of water in a pot...bring to boil and add soy sauce and chicken stock.  Throw in spaghetti that has been broken in half and cook until almost done.
Turn off heat and cover.  I added frozen peas and let it sit for 30 minutes so all the liquid would be absorbed by the pasta, turning it brownish and adding flavor.

 Tucked in the ponies....I was hungry and in high gear.

I may be weird, but love to have fruit with Chinese....especially bananas (tonight added oranges).
 This is how the chicken turned out.
 It was moist and delicious.  Just what I wanted.
Loved mixing up all the flavors....yum.  What did you have for dinner tonight?
Watching basketball?
Night all.


  1. Oh, yes, we have all that stuff (except the basketball hoop and 100 yr old barn). We are in Paso Robles tonight so dinner is going to be at my favorite restaurant here: Thomas Hill Organics. ...its the farm to table place.

  2. Go Kentucky !!! We had left over pizza. Your dinner looked fabulous- thanks for sharing the recipe. You have a very interesting barn.

  3. I loved seeing a little more of the barns! Those beams are artwork! Also like your strategy of the impromptu Dutch oven/tajine very clever. To Annette commenting above, I hope you're tasting wine at every stop! All my favorites are from there! No basketball for me. I stopped paying attention when my brother told me my bracket was in the lowest percentile of the pool. Not a talent of mine...

  4. No basketball hoops and no radios . . .

    You live in a lovely place and have a wonderful life - thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Love your barn!
    Yep, we have the same barn stuff except the kitties. Our kitties are strickly indoor cats - too many coyotes here. Many mornings there's coyote scat within 2' of the house. Barn cats don't have a prayer.

  6. PS - yes, we're watching basketball, and I had a plain baked potatoe for dinner. Hey, it's a step up from saltines and gingerale - stomach bug here.

  7. What a wonderful day!!!As always, your photos and words are fascinating, and capture my mind to the fullest. Cheers from jean.

  8. Just as we think Winter is over, we still have to deal with ice! brrr. What a great wheelbarrow you have, the two wheelers are so much better than one.

  9. Ok, gotta ask. What type of music do your horses like? classical? hip hop? rap? classic rock? easy listening? Drumming? new wave? indie? jazz? GRIN.

  10. Nice day, Lori! Love the food and drumming pics!! We went out with friends for Indian food; but, your last dish looks better than what I had --lol--

  11. I love old barns. Yours is gorgeous love the beams and character of the whole place. We've got that dusty old radio that pays sometimes and all the other stuff too. Just seem to collect lots of stuff. Dinner looked delicious. I'm sick (cold) so we had sandwiches and soup.

  12. Between My Tack Locker, Trailer And Trunk, In Stable Aisles.... I've Got All That, But No Beans..Not My Barn!
    Love Yours!
    We Also Don't Have A Kitty...Darn It, The Mice Eat My apples And Carrots.

    I Made Comfort Food( I'm Ailing) Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna, ( Mixed With Safflower Mayo, Grey PoUpon,Boiled Egg, Pickles, Spices) Over Toast With Rice Flour Gravey.
    A Broccoli, Cabbage Salad On Side With Apples, Currants.

    Glad It Dried A Bit There....We Are Back To Windy Rains

  13. We were definitely watching basketball here!


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