Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here and There

 Color explosions all over the place.

"Who's coming to class today?"

Janice M. brought us a dozen eggs from her chickies, and also introduced us to Rosie.
 She was born across the street...
 and is a real sweetheart.

 Did my thing at Agape this afternoon.  Up to 18 minutes on the elliptical followed with another 6 minute session.  20 minutes straight is right around the corner.
 These two ducks come back here every year.  The Mama lays her eggs in this garden.

 Stopped at Weggies to buy a major load of goodies.  There must be over 50 pear trees that are just about in full bloom.

 Home around 5....made dinner (no good shots) and did chores at 7:30.

Night all.

I need a nap, read too late last night.


  1. Your tulips are exquisite, Lori and I LOVE the photo of Phoebe and Gucci! You asked about Lynda. I contacted her while we were in the area where she lives in South Africa, hoping to meet up with her, but it didn't happen. I hope to give her more time next time we're in the Eastern Cape. Have a great day. Jo

  2. Your horses look so beautiful and sleek Lori ...the ponies here are shedding and shaggy. Of course they have hair like buffalo all winter as we don't blanket them. Rosie such a cutie ... love corgis.

  3. Berlin got her mane trimmed! She's looking sharp.

    We don't have 1 stinkin' leaf yet.

  4. Love that shot of the pups by the window and the tulips are gorgeous.

  5. I adore the "Who's coming to Class" photo, too!
    Looks like your Spring is turning into a really pretty one.

  6. I adore the "Who's coming to Class" photo, too!
    Looks like your Spring is turning into a really pretty one.

  7. Hi Lori! Always love to visit you and see what you are up to. You have tulips I see. Ours are up but not a couple of weeks maybe.
    I felt like I was in the barn with the horses.....could almost smell the barn.
    The two dogs on sofa photo is really cute!!!
    Have a great Wednesday!!

  8. So much wonderful COLOR in these shots. Doesn't it feel so good!?

  9. Dear Lori, I've been away from reading blogs for nearly three weeks due to a minor ailment, so I've missed your evocative photographs of horses and farm, food and art.

    During that time, I spoke on the phone to a woman who is producing an audio of "A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story," a book Dulcy channeled through me twenty years ago and Crown published. The reason I mention this is because she reminded me of you. She is extraordinarily gifted as you are and she lives with horses as you do.

    I told her about you and your blog and your art and we both thought how wonderful life is that I now have encountered you in the East and her on the West Coast. Life is blessing. Peace.

  10. You are motivating me to get back to the gym. I've been slacking lately with all the work I have to do.


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