Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 I just can't help it!  When the sun rises, my eyes it was 5:57.
 By 8 it was brilliant.

 Lorrie and I picked the big pasture....

 Seymour is into modeling lately.

Chorus, lunch and then watched Lorrie's first driving lesson since she moved here.  Moon had not been driven since last fall and she was a DOLL.

 She was long lined for about twenty minutes....
 and she stood perfectly as she was hooked.

 Elisabeth, the instructor, did a great job with both.  Her calm energy was felt by Moon.

 Spring is springin' all over the place.

 Over the past two days we have been removing several huge bushes that were in front of our porch.  It sure looks different.  Can't wait to have a pristine little garden instead.
 We took the boys out for dinner tonight.

 As predicted, they both had breakfast.

 While we were finishing, Jenny was able to join us.
 Coop worked on his math and was given special treats by the restaurant owner for finishing it.
Finn also got the ice cream plus.....
 Home in time to do chores.  The girls never got off the grass today.

 Lovin' this weather.
Night all.


  1. Must be pancake night. Sara prepared yummy cottage cheese and apple pancakes for John and I. What a treat. Glad your spring flowers are blooming. The birth of spring is wonderful.

  2. love the video, I have a friend who does that and her husbband builds the carriages, they are from the Netherlands, and when they return for a holiday, visit the shows and competitions.Beautiful slow movements, very graceful. Blue skies, what a treat, Cheers from Jean

  3. Yay for great weather! We're awake with the sun, too. Neat to see Moon in her driving tack. What a great little horse she is.

  4. Glad to see Moon preparing to drive again.

  5. Love how Moon is driving. Such a sweetie, must have felt like a dream to be driving such a willing and well behaved pony. Loved seeing the video.

  6. Yeah Moon:)
    Math and dinner I mean breakfast what a nice combination:)
    Glorious day yesterday, it is raining today . Hug B

  7. Garden looks great! Can't wait to see what you turn it into!

  8. It looks like every buddy agrees it was a beautiful day
    Benny & Lily

  9. Nice to see that you are having some warm weather!

  10. retitled to "its a gorgeous life"

    Love it all!

  11. Everything looks so beautiful!! Terrific video!

  12. Maybe I should take my son to that restaurant...maybe then he would do his homework willingly!

    I would LOVE to have your sleep schedule!

  13. What a sweet, sweet day! :) Seymour indeed looks like Spring has arrived. I love this music, btw..


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