Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 More crazy weather.

 Just Sandy and Tina for class, both starting new projects.
 My orchid is still hanging in there.

 At 4pm the Kentuckians arrived.

 We had a few snacks....
 then went to Brockport so Auntie Reg could see the Canal.

 Home in time to do chores.
 Thecrazysheeplady got busy with her camera.

 Tucked in the girls and got back in the house by 6:30.

 We had a salad of mixed greens, onion, tomato, asparagus and crumbly blue.

Pasta and a vegetarian sauce with onions, carrots, mushrooms and a little wine.
 Razzelberry pie for dessert.

 They came bearing gifts.

Lots of talk after dinner...then it was time to rest.  What a great evening.
Night all.


 Too bad they are not having weather as nice as ours.....ha ha.


  1. Um, wait a minute, who's taking care of Maisie?

  2. Yummy dinner! I love the color of your orchid.

  3. Dinner, scrumptious!! Daytona,envious!! Flowers, beauticious!! Lovely photos. Cheers from Jean

  4. Oh man, I was across the street at Paula's around 6 o'clock. I could have met Maise's mom!! And who is home taking care of little miss Maise??!! It is so cool that you get to meet these people. And I saw your post about the hay that Lorie got. Can I ask where or who and how much? I need about 50 to 75 bales. I thought I had enough but seeing as it hasn't warmed up enough so the grass can grow. Oh well. Have fun and thanks for sharing!!

  5. Nice weather..... I should really vacation in May in Canada :) hugs B

  6. What a contrast in weather between the top of the post and the bottom of the post! Don't you wish winter would let go that fast?!!
    What fun to have The Crazy Sheep Lady and Auntie Reg for a visit.

  7. What a wonderful full day! Bet you slept good!

  8. We still have snow several feet deep, but our sky has been as blue as the one in Daytona for almost a week.

    Love the mittens the sheep lady's wearing.

  9. Dear Lori, once again you've posted a feast for all the senses! I've never before heard of razzelberries. I need to look them up on Goggle. Peace and happy spring. That snow WILL melt!

  10. Lucky you to have Sara and Reg for company! And.... you got to see the infamous sweater from the Iknitarod, and her mittens ;-). Looks like you were the hostess with the mostest. What a wonderful treat for everyone!

  11. Wonderful company, wonderful food! Wish I was there.

  12. Oh it all looks fabulous! Glad they arrived safely. And with full hands! I love Apothic.

  13. Dinner, the table... everything was lovely. How do you keep it so tidy with all the artwork? You must dust all.the.time!! Love how full and fun your home is. So much to look at.


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