Thursday, April 18, 2013

77 Degrees and Very Winnnnnndyyyyy.

 Pasture pickin' after chores.
 Annette, here is our rhubarb...we have 17 plants and they have just started kicking in.  Pretty soon it will be out of control.

 Sid loves to hide in the hay....can you see him?

 Seymour spent the morning snoozing in a basket on the back porch.
 Sophie came out of her condo, where she spends a lot of time.
 Sun off and on today...quite a change in temperature.

 We are having a brush pick up in a week or so, and I have moved about 10 giant loads.
A little more each day until it's done.
Gary worked on a fence this afternoon.  Now I can totally split the two small grass paddocks.
Hopefully he'll put a new battery in the lawn tractor tomorrow so I can start mowing the lawn.
 Dinner before chores.  Salad and pasta....took some sauce out of the freezer.

 Check out the body language....guess who was approaching.

 Tucked them in....

 and walked over to the field next door to capture the sunset.

Do you remember Auntie Reg who came up from Kentucky with the Crazysheeplady?  Well, she is an incredible cook and teased us with a picture of her dinner.
This is a tart made with onions, mushrooms, asparagus and a garlic puree.  
Mouthwatering, and they ate it all without me....

Night all.

I received two other pictures that need to be shared.
 Our granddaughter Ariana sure is growing up....soon to be 15 and gorgeous!  Can't wait for her and Daniela to come to the farm this summer.

Of course you know Jenny.  Next to her is John LaFalce and then Hanny H.
Jen and Hanny were on John's staff when he was a congressman from our district.
They continue to meet for lunch...(as they did today).  Buds for life.
 Now I'm really done for today.
Sleep well out there.....


  1. Are you kidding me?! You need to stop over at my blog and check out the new snow. Sheesh!

  2. You have such a warm day!! and I hopped to Maery Rose.Wow, snow galore there too, I see Colorado has had soome huge falls .Some of you will wonder is spring ever coming. Beautiful photos as ever Lori, family ones are so special.Greetings from Jean

  3. 77 ... hey send a few degrees down the pike to Massachusetts! Lol

  4. Oh Lori could it possibly be spring? I am looking outside this early morning it is sunny and warm yeah. I am almost afraid to see what tomorrow will bring. I am on my way out to enjoy it before it is gone.
    You have a beautiful Granddaughter. Hugs B

  5. Yay! Spring found you!
    Rhubarb - must add to shopping list...

  6. Hooray for rhubarb! I might make a pie this weekend. Breezy here but not as warm as you have. So, Moon is the alpha. How funny.


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