Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Snow Melted...Again

We had red skies this morning, but the only weird thing that happened was very high winds.
The temperature was in the high 40s and the snow is gone.

(One of my orchids is blooming).
By the time we finished doing chores, the sky was very blue.

Mid morning we had a surprise invitation from Jenny to go down to the Stoneyard for lunch.
She had a chicken wrap and we split a Cubano and onion rings...outstanding!  So thoughtful.

After that, Gary dropped me off at drumming.  We were put to the test at very high speeds today.
The video below is an original piece by Khalid... in a real groove with this one.  Can't you just picture yourself going from side to side on the back of a camel walking through the desert?

I know I can't make you love drumming as much as I do, but I'll bet you could not sit still if you were there with us.

 Home by 4:30 and out to do chores a little after 5.

Tucked those babies in and am ready to watch a movie.
Dinner is every man for himself...still full from lunch!
Night all.


  1. Every time I come here I can't wait to see what you had for dinner. You let me down.
    On second thought - your header more than made up for it.
    g'nite :)

  2. The snow melted today here too except on the North hillsides.

    The winds hit this evening and are so gusty ... the trees are waiving and doing the hula.
    Gusts are hitting us in our little hollow.

  3. Sky photos are great, and the dinner header, super.Your temp., about our 8C, still coolish, we have 25C, 77F right now, too hot to work outside. Cheers from Jean

  4. We have every man for himself dinners on the nights I work. Your orchid is beautiful.

  5. psst...i have a secret - I have a tumba...I envy you ;)

  6. In those first sky shots, I think that's what Jim (Ocean Breezes) calls a mackerel sky.


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