Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Long and Short of It.

 By the time I went to the barn this morning, most of the snow had melted...hard to believe.

 Took the blankets off Berlin and Abbe as the temperature was going up to the high 50s and I knew they would appreciate it.

 They could not wait to venture out to the pasture.
 I was back in the house by 8:30 and took a very quick shower so I could meet Jill before 9:30.
We went to the Rochester Public Market and could not have asked for better weather conditions for January 12th.

 I went nuts as usual.
 At the bakery I bought a dozen rolls and a large cinnamon loaf for $1 each.  $2.50 for a loaf of honey oat bread.  (All this info is for Gayle...up in Alaska).
 Two 5 pound bags of carrots for the horses.  Two bucks each.
 A bag of lemons/$1, Celery/$1, Red peppers/$1.75, 2 small cabbages/$1, 4 quart basket of apples/$3.50 and a pomagranete for  $1.50.

Home a little after 11:30, had lunch and went to drumming.  See those two little djembes behind Khalid?  I bought them for Finn and Coop today.

 Jenny brought them over at 4 and Khalid helped them get started.
  He really knows what he's doing when he works with kids.

 Naturally, we were inside drumming for the most beautiful part of the day.  When I left the sun was starting to go down.

 Now, I challenge all my horse pals out there to show me a horse that is filthier than Abbe.

 Scraped the mud off and tucked them in.
 Dinner at Jen's tonight.  Burgers, mac salad, green salad and chips.
 I brought along my Turkish drum and practiced with the boys.

 Today Coop said he wanted to go to drumming every Saturday.
 I'm pooped.
Night all.


  1. Awww no fair Abbe "just doesn't hide her dirt well"! LOL Those boys are gonna have a BLAST drumming with you. I so wish we could see such lovely market produce but in fact we don't even have market anymore now till May!

  2. The public market looks amazing and the prices are a welcome relief compared to what we're paying at places like Wegmans!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your day--It felt like spring here today!

  3. Oh Abbe! What a mess! You know the old saying - "the cleaner the horse, the dirtier the groom".
    It's so neat that you bought the boys drums.

  4. Its warmer at your place than here in the California desert. Go figure.

  5. Rochester market is great value! I went to a farmer's market with my sister in California (Dublin - confusing much!) and was shocked at the prices. It's like they charge a premium to buy directly from the producer!
    Anyway, yes, Flurry is regularly dirtier than Abbe! With his long coat, he gets absolutely caked in mud!

  6. That market is impressive. Where does the produce come from this time of year? Beautiful!

    Love the drumming. What a great activity to share with your grandsons.

    Did you have horses when you were a young girl?


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