Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cold Front has Arrived...

 We had a cool down by this morning....colic weather...the blankets were back on.
 No snow, so I picked the paddock.
 After chores I went down to Agape.  I'm up to 13 minutes on the eliptical at a pretty good clip and am hoping to add more minutes as I get in better shape.  Doing something aerobic is good.
 After that, I finally knuckled under and stopped at my Doctor's office for a flu shot.  The media has put on plenty of pressure, and it is my first ever.  They say it is effective 62% of the time.  We shall see.  Sure don't need to get sick again.  Three of my friends were knocked on their butts with the flu and they all had the flu shot.

Chores at 5.  The girls rolled again, blankets and all.

 Now that the snow is gone, the ring is flooded.  Saturation.

 Tucked the girls in for the night...the barn was comfy.
 Met Gary and the boys down at the Stoneyard for wings.

 We do this about three times a year and yes!  It tasted great.

 Home by 8:30, ready to finish this up and sit by the fire.  Brrrrrrrrr.
Night all.


  1. I really dislike the mud that follows a good thaw. And I shouldn't complain. I think you have way worse mud!

  2. Your ponies are so wonderfully spoiled-I love their roomy stalls and how many options they have each day for hanging out!
    Hope you can avoid the flu-I got it over Christmas and am still recovering 3 weeks later-it was a doozy!! I did not have the flu shot but I am so hermity my immune system is never exposed to other people so I think that's what got me. I hope you are able to stay healthy!!

  3. I get a flu shot every year -- and have been for years. Working in a hospital, it's mandatory. I also have not had the flu in years so I'm a big believer. Brett gets one every year now too. He was tired of getting the flu and watching me escape. 13 minutes on the elliptical? Good job! Those machines are hard work (they are what I use for arobic workouts too).

  4. Mmm, I love Buffalo Wings... blue cheese dip... sigh...
    Your arena looks ICK but everywhere else looks surprisingly clean after the snow. Of course your girls rolled - no horse can resist fresh mud!
    Good luck with your flu shot, hope it works

  5. good luck with the flu shot Lori!
    & those wings look good!

  6. The freeze/thaw/freeze is wreaking havoc on my yard too. Ah I have flu shot guilt as well. I usually don't get one either...still haven't this year, but we'll see. Although even on our local news in Ohio they've been talking about the widespread outbreak in NY State. So maybe I'll wait until our governor declares a state of emergency. I've always been a procrastinator haha

  7. We've been experiencing a cold snap too. I love it!!! Mud is frozen...I am a happy gal. :)

    I'm always surprised to see just how low your ceilings are in your barn. Are they made like that so it's easier to heat? Our ceiling is over 20 ft and that's fairly low. I just wonder at the difference. Hmmm.

    Those french fries look so good! Now I'm craving them...ack!!

    Yes, do try making that beer bread. Couldn't be simpler and it is quite tasty!! Even mine was a success!!
    Stay warm my friend.

  8. my ring is ice right now,looks like a skating rink but once it thaws mine will be under water as well :(

  9. Those wings do look good! Stay warm!

  10. I got a flu shot too, first time in a decade. I have a trip coming up, and sitting in a plane sounds like a flu risk.
    We warm up tomorrow - hope you do too.

  11. I got my first flu shot this year too. Fingers crossed that it works - so far, so good. I love the pictures of the inside of your barn. It's so cozy and peaceful in there. We're getting ice and snow now. Winter is far from over.


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