Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slop City....

It has really started melting and I added more old hay to the front paddock so there is more texture there when it freezes.  Underneath that grass (last summer) is cement.  In some ways it's good as the mud can't get too deep.  Now they say 59 degrees by Saturday.
 It was grey when I went out to the barn with patches of blue kicking in around 8:30.
 I cleaned the house and got ready for duplicate bridge at turn to host.
 The afternoon sun was gorgeous, but I did not have a chance to get pictures.
 Gary had Finn and Coop duty...I did chores around 5:15.
 The lighter, the better.
 Berlin and Abbe are going to love having their coats off.
 Both dogs came in smelling like the manure pile...they need a good bath (shower).

 Dinner was simple....a fruit salad and
 leftover soup that I served at bridge.  Lots of crusty bread and we were good to go.
Tomorrow is another day.
Night all.


  1. Happy, happy new year's greeting!
    Been trying to get back, really. Two weeks ago Blogger lost my blog! Then, found it this week. Now Google wants $ for photo storage. Huh!

    I'll do some catching up, them figure it out.


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