Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moving into the Deep Freeze....

This morning the wind was howling when I went out to the barn.  It was still 30 degrees, but gusts were supposed to go up to 60MPH (and I think they did).

Did a few things around the house while Gary went to Java, then took it easy for part of the afternoon.  Invited to Sally's for dinner and decided to bake a chocolate pie.

First I baked the crust....
 Then I added a single layer of bananas and poured in some chocolate pudding.  Put it in the frig to cool and set.
 Did chores at 5...it was still very windy and the temperature had dropped.
 I'm sure the girls were happy to go in their stalls.  This morning I had set up hay nets under the shed roof, and a couple in the run-in by their stalls.  They chose to be outside....
 We arrived at Sally's a little after 6...everything was ready for us.

 She made turkey tetrazinni....
 Judy made a salad with pears....

 I brought the chocolate pie....

 Gary was in charge of the coffee, which he made in a French Press.
 A great dinner and a regular dose of good conversation.  We love having meals together and I plan on making Chinese next.
Did I forget to say we had a lot of laughs???
Night all.


  1. Wind. Oh how I dislike the wind. It has been awful here. And mostly grey days. Grey days make me feel like a mushroom and windy grey days turn me into a very irritable mushroom!

    Dinner looks good. Especially the pie. I LOVE that coffee mug!

  2. Great video, here we call it a " Coffee Plunger" and they can be glass or stainless steel, this can be thinner, or very heavy, and then it insulates well.Lovely meal. Cheers from Jean

  3. To me, the wind is always the worst of it. Even here in the South sometimes it gets pretty nippy when you toss in that winter wind. Sixty mile an hour winds is definitely over the top though - yikes!

  4. Morning Lori Good food and laughter there is nothing better. Well maybe some warmer weather:) Take care and stay warm. It is going to be very very cold. Hug B

  5. The dinner sounds wonderful as well as the company. Your crust looks delicious!

  6. Your dinner sounds wonderful. You made my father's favorite pie. Yum!

  7. Yum, great company, great food, inside cozy on a wintry night!

  8. Mom is yelling where is the coffee to go with that pie
    Benny & Lily

  9. I don't think I've mentioned this for awhile, but I just love how classy all you ladies are. You dress for all occasions and it is so nice to see. Cold here... not so fancy. LOL

  10. From quiet homes and first beginning
    out to the undiscovered ends,
    There's nothing worth the work of winning,
    Save laughter and the love of friends.


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