Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Food....

 Once again I was freezing when I went out to the barn.
 At that time, is was just plain grey.
 Before long, the sun came out and the sky was brilliant.
 When I got back in the house I picked up the kindle and read and read and read.

At 11:30 my friend Barb picked me up and we drove over to Higbies so she could pick up some hay cubes before we went out to lunch.  When we moved to our farm 31 years ago I got all my grain there and they used to deliver (at that time I had up to 10 horses and it was a great service).  That came to a screeching halt many years ago and as soon as Country Max was built in Brockport, I started picking up my own feed and supplies right down the road from our house.  A piece of cake with just two horses.
 We ended up eating lunch at Stone's, which we passed on the way home.  Thanks Barb, I did not expect you to treat!
 When we got back to the farm, Gary had a fire going and....I sat down on the hearth and read some more.

Chore's a little after 5.  It just might be a little warmer tomorrow, and the temp may hit 50 on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Such insane weather.
 All these weather adjustments are not the greatest for my girls.

 The moon was gorgeous by the time they were tucked in.

 I made some coleslaw to take down to a Pro-Brockport Pot Luck dinner and we were off to the village.  This group is loaded with people who are committed to the improvement of our community through their positive efforts.  They volunteer in many ways....at the Welcome Center, planting trees, developing community gardens and much more... there game is to pay it forward.
 There was music....
 about 40 people....

and tons of good food.


 Are you hungry now?
Night all.


  1. I spent today reading on my Kindle as well. Just finished an excellent book -- The Secret Keeper. Have you read it?

  2. Your hometown has a really strong community spirit - it's lovely to see.

  3. Busy days...don't think I could keep up with you!!

  4. Love the quilt!
    I'm with you on these crazy temperature swings. They make me worry. 63 today - can you believe it? Then Tuesday, a high in the 20s.


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