Monday, January 28, 2013


 It was ugly out there this morning.  Not a lot of snow, but sleeting, raining and slippery mush.
 Had a piece of fruit and went down to Agape...Gar met me there after coffee.  We are in the exercise groove and eventually it should pay off.  It's been extra fun, as we have met the parents of Jen's friend Kristen and we do a lot of chatting between sets.
 Our power was off from 9:45-1:30...have not heard why yet.  I was grateful to have a woodstove as the house was getting chilly.  Of course I had to plunk down in front of the fire and read....again.

Gary went down to watch Finn and Coop, and eventually I went out to do chores.  Sara, Terry and Annette know how much I love to enter Abbe into the "Biggest Piggy" contests.  After getting her blanket good and soaked she went and rolled in the indoor.  Yuck!
 Of course my darling Berlin was spotless.
 Hot dogs (no nitrates) and beans for dinner...
 the salad had pears and craisins.

My orchid is still blooming.

Once again, this was not a picture taking day.
Night all.


  1. We had sleet and hail last night. Chores were not fun -- all the latches frozen shut, etc. I guess we're back to winter. Your dinner looks like good comfort food.

  2. We had the same yucky weather yesterday - today and tomorrow are supposed to be unusually warm, so perhaps you'll get that starting tomorrow.

    I have an orchid blooming now as well - it looks a lot like yours, except the outer petals are all white.

  3. We had the same weather. But it looks like you made the most of it!

  4. Cool days, I long for maybe one or two, we are having over 30C each day now, too hot to be outside doing anything that resembles WORK, until after 5 p.m. Then, lucky me, it is too late!!! Super meal Lori. Cheers from Jean.

  5. It's good "sit by the fire and read" weather. I just looked at the NOAA weather map and it looks like you aren't out of it yet. I've heard horror stories about New York mud. I shouldn't complain about ours!

  6. All this up-down weather has my lady worried about Sarah, the mini mare. She tends to colic when the weather changes drastically. Today the question is...what kind of coat should Numsy be wearing? Hee hee. That looks like a very yummy dinner. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.

  7. She wins the perpetual trophy! It's going to be nearly 70 here today...and then back down to the teens in a couple days.

  8. What a gorgeous orchid! I have no luck with them. I think I fuss with them too much. Wow, Berlin is a stunner :) 60 here today-3 inches of snow Saturday. My garden is so confused.

  9. Lovely orchid, mine is just deciding if it will or will not bloom. Craisins are my favorite salad add in yummmm and your little piggy just feels better being a "Pigpen"! LOL

  10. Oh Abbe! You win! You put my entries to shame.

  11. Mmmm, I think Flurry wins the biggest Piggy competition hooves down!

  12. Oh I love beans and wieners yummy childhood memories mmmm love that.
    Your orchids are beautiful as are your horses and photos. Hug B


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