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Good Morning!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

House Bound with Great Pleasure...

 This morning we were hit with some lake effect snow.  The cars were crawling down the road and the visibility was very poor.  Of course it was VERY cold.

 Shortly after I got out to the barn, the sun made an appearance.
 The dogs did not last outside for long and came in with snowy faces.

There was a little wind, but not enough to blow the hay around.

 Within a short time we had bright's a good thing, with the temperature high of 12.
 That meant it was time to build a good fire.  I sat in front of it and fell asleep three times while attempting to read.  This is the first time I have used a Kindle (which was loaned to me by a pal who has a new one).  It's loaded with having a private library.  I think I'm hooked already.
 Phoebe passed out in her usual position...
 I had grand intentions of going to Agape, but changed my mind and decided to be a bum ALL day.

Chores at 5.

 Gary was kind enough to carry out four gallons of hot water for me.

 Did not cook.  Meatloaf sandwiches and coleslaw were on the menu.  (Leftovers).
Night all.


  1. Mmmmm! Leftovers are delicious. I'm glad you had some sunshine. :)

  2. That early morning picture with the sun is stunning. We have rain, but it's a warm storm from Mexico so we aren't suffering. No cold until Sunday when a storm from up north gets here.

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a cold winter day! I know it's hard to do chores in that kind of cold - even a bit colder than we are - but your pictures make it look beautiful. It's good that we've got good husbands to carry that water and help out when it's freezing our bones!

  4. Sounds like a wonderfully cozy day - and leftovers to make it even better!

    I'm a big fan of my Kindle - I don't use it for everything and it's better suited for some types of books than others, but it's very useful and there's nothing better for reading in bed, or when you want to take something to read to an appointment or on a trip.

  5. We had leftover shepherds pie tonight. Love leftovers. We might get some snow tomorrow but not much. Had some pipes freeze in one bathroom but luckily they defrosted without a flood. It's a good day to be inside by the fire reading. I love my Kindle. I even take it with me to ant appointment I have at doc, dentists whatever. Love the pups, they look so cute.

  6. Lori, your photos are, as always, superb. I am longing for the winter's day when I can "bum out" in front of the fire,24C here, = to 77F, too hot to do any more outside.Take care on thos snowy/frosty/icy roads. Cheers from Jean

  7. Your day sounds a lot like ours--We had sun, but blowing snow and so, so cold--More snow on the way...burrrr!!!!

  8. Brrrr. You picked a good day to be a slug.
    I love my Kindle! It's my security blanket. There is no way I could sleep without it.

  9. Ahhh but it looks like you did get some glimpses of the sun. What a lovely relaxing day.

  10. I'm enjoying my ebooks. Sort of surprised at that. What a nice day!

  11. Beautiful snow pics from the morning! xx


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