Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello Sunshine....

 The moon was still up there, just before dawn.  

 It was quite an upper to see the sun after all these grey days.

 Much milder, and the temperature went up to about 40.
 I don't know what it's like where you live, but around here there has been a lot of flu and bronchitis.
Over half of my art students have been sick...real sick.

Today, Tina and Connie were the only two healthy ones!  Holy moley!
Phoebe and Gucci go nuts when they see Tina.

 This afternoon I went to the bank and ran some errands for Madonna (who has been under the weather for a couple of weeks!!!!)
 Wegmans, the library...and I brought her a big slice of New York pizza (hot) so she would get back into the swing of eating.
 After that I put some time in at Agape.
 Jenny's job is now full time, so Gary is meeting the kids after school several days of the week.
After that he had a meeting.

I did chores and did not make dinner.  It's every man for himself tonight since he won't be home til after seven.
 I'm sure the girls are enjoying the weather...with the melting, I expect they will be digging for grass in the pasture tomorrow.
Hope that you are healthy during this crazy winter.
Night all.


  1. I've been gone from blogging so long I was surprised to see you have snow! I'll be working my way through back posts... I think I must have a month to catch up on!! We also have the flu bug here and I've heard of people getting sick for long periods. At our house we just had Olivia and Lucas each with a quick 24-hour thing and then back to normal. Hope you haven't been sick!

  2. Oh I was lying in bed this morning and was looking at the very same moon maybe at the same time:)
    I am sorry about all your art students there is a terrible flu going around. I am glad I went to get that flu shot it is everywhere. Take care. B

  3. So far, pretty healthy. But, I work in a school and the kids are in school, so I always feel like we are on the edge! Hope you guys stay healthy!

  4. Beautiful sky!
    Lots of flu out west too. Stay healthy!

  5. Beautiful morning photos, as always. I like your words," every man for himself," I must follow that here. Too hot at our place , way over 30C at the hottest. Roll on the cooler weather for me. Cheers from Jean

  6. It's just like that here too, everybody is sick. It sure was nice to see the sun for a bit. Maybe it will kill some germs.

  7. This flu and illness going around is quite awful.

    This is why I am glad to not have to leave the farm and happy that my part time job is so slow this time of the year.

    The sun and moon are beautiful at sunrise!
    Beautiul as always!
    40 ish here yesterday also!

  8. I saw a teeny slice of that moon this morning! Everyone seems to be sick right now - yuck! Keep healthy Lori you've already had your share of illness.

  9. Fascinating cloud formations in those great photos! As for sickness, it around So Cal, too. We just got our flu shots - in time, we hope. Enjoyed the art sketches.

  10. Love the sky shots - ahhh. And the artwork, too. Flu circling us here in Maine. . . but we're trying to fend it off. xx

  11. Oh beautiful skies, you have the best skies Lori.
    That artwork, just gorgeous yep I love it.

    For us, the weather has been very very gray, and very bitter cold. But today, it snowed. I really hope to make a post tonight, so look for that.
    Take care good night or rather, good morning exclamation


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