Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Faaaahhhhhhrrrrreeeeeezin' this morning.  11 below zero with the wind chill.
 That darn wind!  The first thing I did when I got out to the barn was throw sheets over the girl's blankets.  The blowing was so strong I could not put the hay under the shed roof...set it up against the barn so it wouldn't go anywhere.

 Class this morning.

After lunch I ran some errands.  Filled up my car with 10 bags of shavings and 2 bags of pellets, then I stopped at Wegmans for a few things.  Jammed to the hilt.
Someone said there was snow out by the lake.   We are getting it now.
Did chores before dark so I could get down to Jen's for dinner.
 I'm sure Berlin and Abbe were happy to go in.

Made a quick fruit salad to go with the Chinese meal Jen created.

Sesame Chicken with Asian Slaw, mushrooms and green beans (minus the sesame seeds so the boys would eat it) and some Jasmine rice.


Gary went to the college with Al and Ron to watch some basketball.  I 'm planning to get under some covers.  Man!  This weather is going to be around for days.
Night all.


  1. You may have one more day of it, if you get our weather from today, then things may warm up a bit - here's hoping!

  2. Freezing here too - awful! Rarely do I put the horses inside, but I did tonight. They are woolly and warm, but I feel so bad for their frozen footing - it is like they are walking on upturned knives! I hope Kate's comment is right and we get some relief soon!

  3. Yeesh! And i thought it was freezing here this morning at 24 degrees. Not so much, i guess. :) Stay warm. I'll bet your girls were happy to go in. I would be too. Dinner looks delicious!

  4. Dang! I just flossed, and now I need something to eat.
    Stay warm.

  5. So hot here, almost 86F,almost envy your cooler days..I so like the last photo from class, specially the owl!!Lori,your poor wagon would be dragging on the ground with that weight!! Cheers from Jean

  6. It's been pretty cold in California too, but nowhere near as bad as you have it.

  7. That weather sounds gawd-awful. And how on earth did you fit all that stuff in your car??

  8. Brrrrrr - zero here today - brrrr. That food looks SO delish I am wanting to lick the screen . . . xx

  9. Yowsers....that's c-c-c-c-old and that's Fahrenheit....brrr! It's feels so brisk though and makes you move fast. The horses were glad to see you I bet. That meal...oh man/woman you guys always have the best munchies...mouth watering.
    Stay warm, please!
    Ron and Sophie

  10. Stay warm! It was interesting to see the weather map, we are sitting right on the edge of the cold - on the warm side, 60 miles east and it is way below zero. 100 miles west and they are fogged in and under air quality warnings. I'm not gonna complain!

  11. agree! So darned cold!! That dinner looks delish!

  12. We had a visitor in the Midwest this week. I believe his name was Alberta Clipper. Shiver me timbers! I did my best to ignore the frigid temps but darting from business to business while doing errands didn't allow it. Single digit highs the last few days with temps well below zero at night, not counting the wind. I think I need some of the comfort food shown here.


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