Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fine Dining With the Three Ds and Company

What a difference a day makes.
 The snow is is the strong wind.  The temperature dropped more than 40 degrees.
 I'm sure the girls were happy to have their blankets back on.

After chores I got my haircut and went to Agape...was sure it was Friday and could not figure out where some of my pals were.
 When I got back home I started getting things organized for tonight's dinner.
 Very special company...Jenny, Kristen, Katie and all their parents.
 The wind was behind me as I flew out to the barn for evening chores....when is it going to stop?

 Jen arrived while I was finishing up my shower.  She was in charge of finishing up the Chicken Marsala.

 She had a good start on it before Kristen, Bob, Joan, Max, Kathy and Katie arrived.

 We had quite a feast!
  Everyone brought something and it was all special.

 (the 3 Ds)

 Homemade bread....
 Jen's Chicken Marsala...
 Joan and Bob's Chicken French...
 Katie's salad...

 Kristen brought dessert.

What a treat!
Night all.


  1. What fine dining, Lori. Were those bacon wrapped prunes in one photo? We call them pigs in blankets. I LOVE the look of the desert yum. It all looks so festive. Good on you for such a wonderful evening. Hope you have a warm and happy weekend. Jo

  2. Looks fabulous! I love your navy and white table.

  3. All your food looks delicious!

    And keep warm in the cold.

  4. You have THE most fun dinners - I need to move closer (besides the food you look to have such fun friends and family)! LOL I can just see your smile as you tucked in for the night.

  5. What fun! What yum! What a beautiful spot! xx

  6. If I ever have need of a dinner idea, I just pop over to your blog and see what you're having!! It all looks wonderful...


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