Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did Someone Say We Are Having Extreme Weather Conditions?

 At chore time, most of the snow had melted and the driveway still had a layer of ice here and there.  The temperature was on it's way up...not as warm as expected during the day, but right now it is over 50 heading toward the low 60s tomorrow.

Simple pleasures.....

 During class it started to pour.

Connie worked on colored pencil techniques before completing her drawing of the iris.

 Tina used pastels to continue her drawing of DJ and Cosmo.

 Sally is starting on a new drawing....tulips.

When they left, it was raining so hard they all got soaked going to their cars.

Our next weather change was mist in the outback.

 When there is nothing else for lunch, you can always make egg salad sandwiches...
 By then, we caught a little break from all the water that was flooding the outdoor arena.

Gary went down to Jen's....I read and worked on taxes.

It was pretty dark at chore time, but I got some neat shots when I was outside of the barn.
 The windows were sweating...
 and Berlinnnnniiiii was looking for me.

 Abbe did it again!  She totally destroyed herself and another blanket by rolling in the indoor when she was all wet.  But I have to say, she lost the Piggy Contest to Martine's horse Flurry over in France.  I have never seen one grind in the muck like that.  It took a lot of muscle to clean him up.  Now Terry and Sara are going to have to check out her blog so they believe me.
 Once again my darling Berlin was clean.  Such a smart old girl.
 The fire has been going since 9:30 am.  I think it has put Gary to sleep as I am doing this.
 Does eating dinner make you tired?

 Took the rest of Carrie's sauce out of the freezer and had a simple supper.  Yes, it was good.
Gosh, what will I wear for the heat wave tomorrow?
Night all.


  1. Lori, a heat wave, wear next to nothing, we have had over 30.6 C today, again !!!.lovely shots of the windows, that shows how cold it was. Lovely meals as always. Cheers from Jean

  2. Dinner looks good! You have warmer weather than us, again. Lows in the 20s and high of 40 today. It is supposed to warm up to the 50s by the weekend. Flurry was a sight, wasn't he?! I'm impressed that Martine got all that muck off of him.

  3. that header is cool! But then everything at Skoog Farm is!

    Happy Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  4. Mmm egg-salad sandwiches, I haven't had one for ages. Thanks for the reminder - and the mention!

    We are supposed to have a couple of warm days, too, 15 or 16 C ( I think that's low 60s?) and then snow and strong winds on Saturday. Maybe I'll blanket Flurry this time!

  5. This is the strangest weather I ever seen barn window sweating says it all. Take care. I secretly hope the warm stays and that nasty Arctic cold never finds its way back here. I would like some snow though. Asking too much?:) Hug B

  6. Crazy weather for sure. I am glad to usher January out the door! Your talk of warm fires makes me sleepy too.

  7. I like those shots of the girls in the barn!!! Your students are sure getting a lot done and Sally is just thinking spring! :)

  8. Wonderful luscious shots of sweating barn windows. Absolutely love them!

    Lightbulb moment: How nice it would be to have a cookbook showing your favorite meals and artwork of your students. Both are impressive.

  9. Such a day! Great pics. . . Always enjoy seeing your students' work: I love being reminded of the patience it takes to make drawings. . . me, I'd want to swish-swish it all in one session. :))

  10. I can relate to you on so many levels with this post...your weather, we've warmed up dramatically and are wet as well. The white horse/mud-fascination phenomenon (you should see my Ladde on some days, we've joked that we could plant seeds on his body!)and your dinner looks so very good. What have you got in your salad?? I'm always looking for creative ways to get my hubby to eat more fresh fruits/veggies. Can you share what you've got in it, and what you use for dressing? It looks out of this world good to me!! But then again, your meals always look so creative and just have a knack!

  11. Love the window pics. A bit ethereal with the way they glow so softly. Enjoyed the art that folks are working on, too.

  12. I'm hyperventilating! I just looked at Martine's blog, and I cannot imagine getting that horse clean! Oh my!

  13. wow,sweating windows are classic, thanks for sharing them


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