Monday, January 21, 2013

Button Up Your Overcoat....

 I dressed for the weather and went out to the barn...didn't feel too bad.  Decided to get my saddles and some other gear out of the tack room so it would not freeze on me during the upcoming week.
Loaded it into a big wheel barrow and aimed it toward the house.
 I've been putting out extra hay and warm water...the girls have not complained.
 So far I have washed saddle pads and saddle covers (bags).  Now I have to clean two bridles, two hackamores and a bitless bridle...along with these two saddles (Steuben Tristan on the left and Albion SL on the right).  It's going to take me half the winter.  By then it will be warmer and more conducive to riding.  Will I ever get the lead out?
 Gary went to Java and Agape...I stayed home and started a fire...
 and watched some of today's festivities.
 This afternoon we went to a wake for an old friend who passed very suddenly.

Evening chores.  The temperature had dropped and I am not looking forward to single digits.
 I just might have to double blanket.

 Comfort food tonight.  Baked potatoes...
 and an encore of apple/carrot/raisin salad.
 Caught the PBS News and watched more of the inauguration.
 Regardless of your political position...it is quite an amazing event.  I was impressed with Obama's speech and hope that those elected officials in Washington can learn to work together.  It's about time.

 I was particularly impressed with this poem.  If you did not hear it....find it.
Night all.


  1. Brrrrr. Here too. I'm off tomorrow and don't plan to go outside at all. Hope you and the girls stay warm! Your meatloaf looks great!

  2. Your dinner sounds and looks good. I grabbed a burger on my way home from the gym. It was lousy. I just don't enjoy fast food anymore.

  3. I listened to the inauguration on NPR while I worked in the barn. That was a fine speech.

    Single digits for you, record highs for us. Wacky weather. You and the girls stay warm, and stay safe,

  4. Lori, we had some coverage on our NZ Tv One this morning, but on Google I have heard the whole poem, the other songs, saw the huge crowds, I can imagine the emotions that were felt all across US. Hope your sunshine hours are getting longer. Cheers from Jean.

  5. Funny that I don't pay close attention to my weather so you got me thinking.... earlier when I was in town it was +11*. I see now it is -6* below. Whatever it is, it is cold and will be for a couple more months.

    Remember all my questions about blankets when I first started reading your blog. I talked to my horse friend. Blankets aren't used here because our horses grow thick heavy winter coats which I guess your horses can't do because you have such up and down weather. My friend said it would hurt a horse rather than help it to blanket it even in our extreme temperatures. We all live so differently.... fascinating.

  6. More cold coming your way from here, but then it looks like things may improve. The wind is the part I really dislike.

    Time for some comfort food . . .

  7. I missed most of the coverage yesterday because Maisie couldn't leave the kitchen :-(. Heard something about a fantastic poem. Will go google it.

  8. Pretty cold again today but the wind is not supposed to be very bad later.

    I cannot believe a 10 mph breeze creates a wind chill of -25.

    It hurt my eyes last night, the googles made it a bit dark to do twilight chores.

    The face mask works wonders.

    Stay warm.

  9. Your fire looks so inviting! I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I am still so sad about Leontien...

  10. These are amazing pictures of the weather outside. Hope your safe and warm!


  11. Hi Lori - I saw your meatloaf and now I have a craving for it! Sorry I haven't been around much. This past year my social calendar has happily picked up! Hope life is good.


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