Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abbe and the Pigfest Challenge....

It's all about the girls today.
 At 7:30 the temperature was 55 degrees.  The water was absorbed in the front paddock but it was standing here and there in the pastures (and of course the ring was flooded).  By the end of the day it was 64 and there had been a fair amount of rain.
 Before feeding, I removed blankets and they were looking pretty good.

 Abbe nibbled on her hay for a short time and then went out to the nearest pasture to stand in a puddle and eat grass.
 You can see the standing water all over the place.
 Berlin was content to be under the shed roof....

 and finally ventured out to stand in the same puddle with Abbe.

 I did my thing during the day.  Chorus, Wegmans etc.  Gary had gone to Jamestown for a funeral so I had not made dinner.

When I went out to do evening chores...there was Abbe in all her glory.  As soon as she heard about Martine's Flurry she was not about to be one upped.
 Berlin did not even come close.

It took awhile to clean them up before they got tucked in.

I'll bet Sara, Terry and Annette wish their horses looked like this.
Night all.


  1. Oh Abbe!!! I don't know what to say besides what a mess!!!

  2. Haha. No, I am thankful that Jackson does not look anything like Flurry or Abbe at the moment.

  3. LOL, good job Abbe! (but I still think Flurry is the Champion)

    Isn't it strange how it's the light coloured ones that get the muckiest? Are they trying to camouflage themselves?

  4. Someone will become very rich when they invent the " The horses' instant mud removal gadget, easy to use, no hard work needed",I wonder why they do roll so much in the mud, maybe a way to have a bath. Cheers from Jean

  5. Mine were taking snow baths to accent their mud baths from the day before.

    Mine are super duper fuzzy to mules, it is a game to rip off blankets and shred them about the pasture or paddock.

    Not civilized at all!

  6. Oh I love when the kids play in the mud. I always liked that myself:) Hug B

  7. This weather is testing my nerves! Yesterday morning it was 65F and tomorrow wind chills will have it at -15F! Scary.

  8. Oh, good GRIEF!!! That's just amazing.

  9. Dear Lori, I'm back again and so grateful that you commented on my blog so that I was able to get back to yours.

    Your photographs and text about the farm and the other interesting things you do with your life always bring contentment to me. There is a serenity in your postings that speak to some deep level of my being. Thank you. Peace.


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