Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Turning Point...

It was a little hazy looking in the back 40 this morning....like there was a cloud touching the ground.
 By the time the horses ate their breakfast, the sun was out in full force and I made sure their hay and water were placed in the rays.
 It was still very cold in the shade, but ummmmmmm ummm...did that sun feel good.

 Gary watched the boys this morning, so I soloed.  No problem.

 With the temperature going into the mid twenties I was eventually able to take the sheets off (that I had put on top of their blankets when it was so windy and frigid).

Mid morning I went across the street to help Paula supervise her steeds.  It was the first time Finnegan was put in the pasture with the minis.  So far, so good.

 Had a 2pm meeting in Brockport.  As mentioned before, our Art & Aesthetics Committee is going to have another auction to raise funds for a mural (about the Canal) that will be placed on a building in the village.  This afternoon we sent out letters to local artists in order to get donations.  We were at the home of Alicia F., who makes stunning jewelery.  This is a necklace she just finished for Margay (who happens to be working on this project).

 Isn't it spectacular?

On the way home I picked up a few things at Wegmans and went out to do chores at 5:15.

 We could have some freezing rain by morning, with the temperature heading toward 40.


By the way...I'm so hooked on the Kindle I stayed up way to late last night to finish "The Litigators"
and today had trouble keeping my eyes open.  So, like Seymour, I'm going to sack out early.
 Night all.


  1. Wow! The necklace is exquisite indeed. :) I'm glad it's finally warming up for you. It's warmer out this way too. The super cold made me want to just hibernate....

  2. What a difference the sunshine makes. And on the flip side, what a difference the wind makes.
    The necklace is fab!

  3. A lovely necklace indeed; hope you can find your funds. I really enjoy looking at your beautiful snow laden photos, but I do NOT miss those frigid temps. Brrr!

  4. Sounds like you guys really got a cold snap - it snowed today, but yesterday it was in the 40's around here!

  5. I still just can't embrace the kindle. It would be so much easier because I like to read in bed, but I just love books so much! That necklace is beautiful!


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