Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Yesterday I went over to see Harley and Dancer before heading to Brockport for bridge...
When I was coming back across the street, the light on the house and studio was beautiful.

As per usual, Helen had a table full of healthy food.  My partner and I came in 3rd.  Oh well.

This morning I posted the sunset and sunrise shots (below) before Jill and Chester got here.
 It was another beauty.
 After I dragged the front paddock for the second time yesterday, it really dried out.

 When we finished around 8:15, there was still a little fog, but the color disappeared.
 Lily was hangin' out on her favorite dumpster, soaking up the sun.
 Raked up a lot of leaves and pine needles over by the Studio before class started.
 It was a busy session...
 Dick F. returned after MIA for over a year.  Yeah!!!!!!!!  So nice to have him back.
 I encouraged everyone to draw a sheep for the challenge over at
Punkin's Patch.

 Had a couple of takers.

 When class was over...Sally, Judy and I checked out a Tai Chi video....
 by Dr. Chunlei Lu.  He sure explained each form in a way that we could
 understand what we were doing.

I went out to get the evening feed ready so Jenny could put the horses in tonight.
 Of course they thought they were eating early.

Gary and I went in to the Italian American Community Center to have dinner with
the Food and Culture class from the college.

We started off with a great meal.
 Very Italian and definitely of the "slow food" variety.

 (fresh ricotta with chives and olive oil)
 We sat with these three college students so we could discuss the meal they will be preparing for a dinner at our house in April.  It will be Greek/Mediterranean and we will contribute a big salad.
They have all kinds of things in mind.
 Do you know much about the slow food movement?
 Below is a very fuzzy picture of Alex S..  He is from Italy, an artist, teaches Italian and more.
You met him before at Stephen's Loft when we had dinner with the first semester class.  As this movement started in Italy, he knows all about it and his presentation was excellent.
 Home after 9 and I am now ready to hit the couch.
Night all.

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  1. I'll be honest... I find "movements" rather entertaining (and a tad foolish). It seems every time you turn around someone somewhere is promoting, picketing or protesting something. Americans are a fickle bunch that always seems to jump from one bandwagon to the next. With that said... I was bummed I couldn't read the whole description so I'm off to google the Slow Food Movement. :) Hope you had a good time.


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