Friday, February 10, 2012


Before I went out to do chores, Gary informed me that I had a flat tire on my car.  Called AAA and went out to the barn.
Jill and Chester were waiting for me and we got chores done in no time.

 Grey, but no wind.  Temperature up to the mid 30s.

 Chester is allowed to run loose when we are with him.  Not bad for a pup that has only been with Jill a little over a month.  Gucci is fine with him...Phoebe disappears.

Within an hour of my call, AAA arrived to help me with my flat.  Gary got home just after he arrived.

 There was a big fat screw stuck in the tire and they put the spare on.
 Gary drove it down to Northside and had the tire fixed.

At 11:15 I picked up Ice at Jenny's and took him to the animal hospital for some blood work.  Last Friday he was extremely weak so she stayed home and took him to the Vets.  She had to carry him into the car and then into the office.  His heart rate was very low and he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.  He stayed there until Monday afternoon and is doing better now, but will need treatments for the rest of his life.  Has anyone out there every had this experience?  $$$$$$$$
 Gary finished painting Jenny's kitchen/family room and I went back to the farm.

I had kept my old Toro lawn tractor behind the barn and the tarp had blown off it.  It has been sitting there since November and I thought I should try to move it inside the barn.  Baboom!  It started right up...so I dragged the ring.
 Later in the afternoon I did some paddock picking.

 Sidney finally appeared.
 Finished chores and grabbed a quick shower.  Tina's Birthday today, and we had a 6:30 reservation at Stephen's Loft for dinner.
 Of course Linda placed us at Roger's table overlooking Main Street.

 We all started out with a salad.

Tina had a mixed grill - (2)3 oz. tenderloins, lamb chop, pork stuffed chicken galantine finished with dried cherry-cranberry compote.

I had Chicken Cordon Bleu - Layers of ham, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes wrapped in breaded chicken served with Mornay sauce.

 Gary had Chicken French - egg battered with lemon and sherry sauce.

Roger had a Striped Bass special.

 Afterward, we all had a taste of Tina's Cinnamon/Raisin bread pudding served with a caramel sauce and whipped cream.  A birthday wish from the house....
 We were all extremely happy with EVERYTHING! 
 Had to stop by the kitchen and tell Steve how much we enjoyed our meals.

 We were outathere by 8:30.
Night all.


  1. Wanted to tell you about two things I've recently found that help a lot with meds.

    First, they have to be prescription meds, so if the vet can give you prescriptions instead of in-house meds that would help.

    Second, I don't know if they both work in New York, as they do in Florida.

    Third, both work for pets AND people, and at first I thought it was only for if you didn't have insurance, but my step-daughter (who is a pharmacy tech at WalMart) says it doesn't matter - they check both and use the one that lowers the cost the best.

    The first one is an app for my phone called Key Ring. It is made to replace the little discount/membership cards from stores that you hang on your key ring, BUT it also has other things available, like coupons, and prescription help - one for people, one for pets. The app is free. You just show it to the pharmacy (I use WalMart, don't know what others it works at) and they record it on your pet's/person's profile and it will automatically work each time you get a prescription.

    With this one, it doesn't work on EVERY medicine, and it works kind of strange - they tell me prices for meds go up and down daily, so one day you may save a lot and one day you may save none.

    The second one is your AAA card. You just register your card with the pharmacy, same as you do insurance, and it will come up when you get a prescription.

    One of my dog's prescriptions is between $65 and $69, depending on the day - one time Key Ring gave me so much off, it was $13.00, other times Key Ring gave nothing off. AAA brought it down to $20.

    We also have Publix, which I don't think you have up there, but maybe another store does this. Publix is a food store but has a pharmacy and they have a whole list of prescription meds that they give for FREE. Whenever we, or any of the dogs need an antibiotic, it gets called in to Publix and it's totally free. That's nice : )

    So maybe you can, maybe you can't use this information right now, but maybe you can some day. Keep it in mind, and pass it along. It's really significant savings

  2. Poor Ice! Poor Jenny! It's very stressful when our dogs/cats/horses are ill. I hope he gets better and better.


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