Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 From above freezing....heading toward the 20s.
 Jill and Chester were here this morning and we were moving at top speed.
 They were ready to leave by 8:30.

 When I got back in the house I moved these two amaryllis plants from the living room to the kitchen.  Until a week ago, they were hanging around and had not been watered for months.   All of a sudden I saw a little green, watered them and va voom!
 The pups and I relaxed for awhile before class started.

 All made progress today.
Out to do evening chores at 5:30.
 Picked the paddock and tucked the girls in for the night.
 The moon was amazing.
 In for dinner.  Vegetarian chili....I started with dry red and white kidney beans along with some black.
Soaked them and proceeded.  Made this yesterday and jazzed it up today.  Needed more zip.
 A traditional green salad.

Before we ate I had to run out and get more shots.


Night all.


  1. I have so much envy for all of you artist! That is one talent that I was not blessed with. As well as photography, lol. Your pics are just lovely. And as usual.....I always love to see what you have served up. Your meals always make my mouth water. Stay warm, and keep all of the fur babies warm!

  2. Love the moon shots. I wanted some of my own, but I was just too tired to attempt it. Maybe tonight.

  3. The night sky pics are so beautiful, and I specially like the painting of the flowers, the leaves and petals look like organza sheer fabric.looks like your winter may be leaving soon. Cheers from Jean.

  4. The moon has been HUGE! Great shots!

  5. What a nice day. Love the paintings
    Benny & Lily

  6. Beautiful night shots! I really like that watercolor (?) of the iris.

  7. Wow-what gorgeous pictures of the moon. Thanks for sharing that!

    I heart Chester :)

  8. Those moon shots are spectacular!

  9. Amazing shots of the skies and the moon. Beautiful.

    Chester is too adorable. Phoebe and Gucci look like they're saying goodbye to their new friend from inside. You have some talented artists, great pictures they're working on.

  10. Hi Lori - Sorry I've not been around for so long - had a very busy year. I'm back in Jeddah now, suffering from my allergies to the terrible dust storms we've been having. I've missed your lovely photos and tales! Looks like life is still good in your parts.

  11. Nice moon shots! I wish I could come to your art classes.

  12. I do like the last picture that is really... magic !


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