Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 When I went out to the barn, the temperature was still in the 40s.... so the ponies remained blanketless.
 On my own this morning.  Gary went to his Yoga class.
 Nothing out of the ordinary.

This is how "Aloha" looks today.  She is wide open.  Pretty amazing, to have 4 birds at once.
 The two new leaves on the Fiddle Leaf Fig have grown like crazy.
 We had chorus at 10 and it was a jam packed session.  I'm really liking "Route 66."

With all these movies I watch, you probably figured out that we have Netflix.  This afternoon it was "The Bridesmaids."  OK, it was funny....but for me, overrated.

I tried to get Jenny and the boys to come up for last nights delicious leftovers, but they were already invited to dinner over at her friend Carrie's.  At 4:30 she let me know that we were invited to go there for dinner too.  

Out to do chores, and all three ponies had rolled.  There is no way Abbe is going to let Jackson beat her in the little piggie contest.  Both sides....ground in.
 Tucked them in....
 How can this be?  February 1st and the grass is green.  The paper said we are way down in the amount of snow we've gotten so far, but have had 3 more inches of rain than normal.  Moisture is not a problem and we have been 10-15 degrees higher than the average daytime temps right along.

 Fortunately my little critters did not get too muddy in the paddock.

Arrived at Carrie's by 6:15 for one amazing dinner.  She is seriously considering starting a catering (maybe personal chef) business and has been building up some very creative options.
 Tonight we sampled some of her latest creations.
 We started out in the kitchen, as she was preparing the main course.
 First we tasted a Caprice Salad.

 There was a big basket of homemade bread and some marinated garlic.
 and red wine...of course.
 Finn, Coop and Joey ate in the kitchen.  She made them each a pasta bake with homemade sauce.
 After they were set up...
 (Gary was on the couch with their pup...Abby)
 We were ready to eat.
 What an AMAZING meal!  The main course was homemade spinach gnocchi in a creamy garlic sauce full of red onion, pancetta, asparagus, roma tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
 The salad was fresh spinach with avacado, red and green peppers, tomatoes and asiago cheese.  The dressing was a mustard/balsamic vinegarette.
 As if that was not special enough, she made a knockout dessert.
A strawberry/mascarpone mousse lined with lady fingers, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.
 All of the recipes are her own and can compete with any restaurant I've been to.
 The kids preferred chocolate chip cookies.  What else is new.
Several of us are going to the Rochester Public Market tomorrow.
So much for today.
Night all.


  1. Has she considered opening a restaurant? I'd love to have her as a personal chef! I'm surprised people aren't knocking down her door.

  2. Oh, I really do not want to hear that your grass is green! I am green with envy! It will be June before the grass is green here, and by August it will be burnt to brown.
    That dessert looks fabulous.

  3. Bridesmaids was funny..and over-rated. A bit irritated I bought it before watching...

    Dinner looks great...and looks like a lot of work. Just the time in the dessert was enough to make me tired.

  4. That caprice salad looks devine! We sure could use some of your rain or even snow! Our pastures are crisp and the outdoor is a dustbowl. Haviing issues with mosquitos in Feb is a new one! Hope we get cold enough to knock the bugs down or this summer is gonna be brutal!

  5. It does look like another good day, and a lovely and delicious meal at the end of it! As you no doubt know,
    Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so only six more weeks of this springtime winter! ;-) Enjoy your Thursday!!

    PS, have to grin at my verification word being 'bitter'

  6. Dear Lori,
    Sorry to have been absent for a few days. The week got ahead of me and some health woes kept me resting.
    But today, I return to your blog and find a feast of photographs--horses, flowers, animals, and food!

    I've almost completed Jon Katz's "Dog Days" and I've enjoyed every page. I will read more of his books on Bedlam Farm. Also, I'm well into Sharon Creech's "Hate That Cat." What a delight story. Thank you for suggesting these two writers to me.


  7. I think your town should be known as Good Food Central!

  8. The meals you present make me water at the mouth!

    I'm glad the winter is mild there..as it is here.
    It is mud season and everyone is piggy!
    Even the dogs need a good toweling off after a walk.

    Have a great weekend.


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