Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 Soloed on chores.  With a little melting going on, I put the hay under the shed roof.
 Once again, this shed roof came in handy.  If you don't have one, I would highly recommend adding one to your barn.

 After a quick shower I drove down to our chorus rehearsal.  Today our director was out of town and Greg (who plays the piano for us...retired music teacher...who also is the regular entertainment at First Fridays) directed us.  It was one positive experience.  He is so clear in his directions...we made a lot of progress with a different approach. 
 From there I went to Jenny's to check on Ice.  He had a bad night and she was in Albany working an event for the State Assemblyman (she is his chief of staff), unavailable to take him to the vet if he needed help.  When I got there he seemed back to normal, but left a mess earlier on the dining room floor.  Poor guy.  I stuck around for a couple of hours...he ate, drank and went out a couple of more accidents.  Hopefully he is back to normal.
 My next stop was the dentist's office in Batavia.  Teeth cleaning.
 On the way home I took the country scenic route.
 The sun actually appeared and the snow had melted off many of the fields.

 Went through the little village of Bergen.

 Back to the farm around 4:30 and got busy with dinner.  Jenny and the boys were going to be here.  Gar had met Finn and Coop at the bus...Jen stopped on her way home.
 Look what has started blooming.

Quickly did chores before everyone arrived.
 Sid followed me back to the house.
 Dinner?  Coleslaw (red cabbage, carrot, onion, dried cranberries).

 BBqued chicken/onions/carrots.
 Mashed potatoes and peas.

 The boys had Mexican Sundaes.

Night all.


  1. What's a Mexican sundae? It looks good. We're surrounded by Mexican everything here but I've never heard of that.

  2. Hi, Lori, I've been away -now enjoying catching up with you. xx SC

  3. What a beautiful header! I just love that photo.

  4. such a sweet post . . . like coming home to dinner. thank you for having me over, dear

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. Dinner looked delish! Iwould love the drive to the dentist if it looked like that! What a beautiful place you live in!

  6. I'd like to know what a Mexican Sundae is, too!
    You pack more into a day than anyone I know. How do you do it... and find time to Blog and respond to blogs?
    Do you sleep?!


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