Monday, February 27, 2012


 Red sky in morning.....
 Had no clue as to how the weather was going to turn out so the hay went under the shed roof.  Started off with snow on the ground and a punched up paddock.
 Chester wanted to help out Jill by having some manure for breakfast.  Ummmmmmm.

 Why dogs love it is beyond me.
 Finished up early.

Had a wind up appointment with the chiropractor at 2.  Another fish tank...
 My back has improved a lot so I'm taking a break.  Between him and the message therapist a big knot is disappearing.  Yeah!
 Stopped at Wegmans on the way home.
 By then, most of the snow was gone.
 And the sky was back to it's dramatic self.

 The temperature went up to about 47, but the wind was pretty wild.  Back to grass.
 Gary painted today.  Will finish up a job this week and then will start painting at Judy's.
 The girls were pretty tired of having their butts to the wind so I put them in a little before 6.

 Regardless of the weather during the day...it always seem to end up like this at chore time.
 Now, we are going to get back to normal with our Skoog Farm meals.  Tonight it was veggie burgers and roasted potatoes.  Nothing special but just right for the moment.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful skys! Glad you're feeling better . . .

  2. I had a vet tell me that horse manure is "puppy pesto" -- our dogs eat it too.
    We've got snow falling and soup on the stove -- simple dinner for us too.

  3. Sounds like a long, but good day : )
    The veggie burger looks wonderful.

  4. It just amazes me the mild winter you're having!


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