Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I need to start being more particular about the photos I post.  They are getting kind of boring and the light has not bailed me out lately.  Today it's the same old, same old....
 Jill arrived at 7:30 and the sky had a little pink in it.  Didn't last very long.
It was so cold, there was and inch and a half of ice on the water trough.  I used my trusty shovel to break it up, and then got the ice out with my long handled strainer...dumped in two gallons of hot water and turned on the heater.  These ponies are spoiled.
 Turned grey...
 But when I headed back to the house a little after 8:30, the sky was fabulousa!

 The birds are getting closer to hatching everyday.
 It was another easy day...the pups and I have really been on vacation.
 Put the ponies in at 5:15.
 This is an old sign from back in the day when I used to go to Dressage shows.  I was on the board for the Western New York Dressage Association and stored a lot of stuff in our barns...this was left behind.
And don't get the wrong idea...I did very little showing, but liked to participate in clinics.
 Leftovers for dinner with a new salad.
 No more sweet stuff left in the house....
Tomorrow I am going to make an effort to take at least 5 good photos.  Let's see what really happens.
Night all.


  1. Your photos are superb. The morning sky is never boring and you seem to always capture the tiny nuances. Also, your outbuildings, fences and trees are lovely. Thanks for taking the time to share it all!

  2. I agree with Juliette - it's never boring.

  3. Your skies are spectacular. Mine are rarely interesting to photo. Just blue. Plain blue. No clouds to create color.

  4. The light shots are always good, and the food always makes me hungry!!

  5. I love your photos, never find them boring. With this group I esp. love the interior barn photo w/wheelbarrow.

  6. I giggle at you saying the ponies are spoiled...I'm sure they are! but isn't it great to spoil them...or put more correctly...love them?

    To answer your question.. yes, they are ours…Gaitchi and Gubi.
    I’m very interested in the beet pulp you've described to me…I haven’t seen it here in France, maybe I can find it onlie. Our two feed on hay and two(in winter) additonal meals of pellets and then we add some molasses to their two meals, for some energy etc. But I really do like your beet pulp for the digestion etc…will look for it on internet…thanks for the info. Your horses are so beautiful. We absolutely adore these two, well …all of our animals actually! thanks again!

  7. Your photos are fine...don't be hard on yourself. I often post out-of-focus photos with crappy lighting...sometimes that is the reality of our world. I'd much rather see reality than posed. :)

  8. I'm with the others, I always enjoy your post and especially your pictures! For me, there's I enjoy the peak into your day and its events from start to finish!

  9. Lori -- I always enjoy your photography. It's real and shows your daily routine so well. :)

  10. I think your photos are great as always. Love the skies and those two adorable pooches.


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