Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, it is 12:03 and I did not get this Sunday post up before midnight...so here goes.
I woke up before 6 and had gone to bed late...caught another beautiful sunrise.

Snuck out to the barn to feed the horses before Sara, Tim and Gary were up.  Sara ended up coming to the barn before I let the horses out.  In the meantime, Gary and Tim were busy looking at maps.

Once again....there was a lot of talk (because we all were enjoying it), but they had to leave in an attempt to get home before dark.  Thought they were kidding when they said they had Number 20 in the car,  but there he was!  He travels with them all the time and even wears a seat belt.
is so talented...She created the sheep above, and the cards below.
 These two are samples of her hooked rug designs.
 See what I mean?????
We also received a box of cards made from her photographs....this is one of her 32 sheep.
They finally got on the road and spent much of the time talking about Hickory.
(Paige and Hickory at an event).  Could Kentucky be in his future?
I went back out to the barn to finish chores.

Then, we were off to the Farm Market.
Caught some reflections on Main Street.

Didn't buy much today...just a cauliflower and some tomatoes (we finally ran out this week).  Gary got a couple donuts (as tho we needed them).
These two cuties were down there.
Their owner had lots of hats, scarves, mittens etc. for sale.
Only two more Sundays.
We ran into Ralph and Jill.  It was so windy some of the produce was blowing off the tables.

Woody (who helped Gary paint the house) plays the guitar and was there with a couple of other guys providing the morning entertainment for the market..  Ulpi and Gary chimed in.

Saw Carl down there with his dog Teddy Bear.
It rained all afternoon.  Took it easy before doing evening  chores, then we drove down to Judy P's for dinner.  Perfect timing.
As you can see, she knew what she was doing and has a real flair for presentation.
This platter was jammed with chicken salad, fruit, veggies and Greek olives.

She also made squash soup.  We ate like kings.
As if that was not enough, we had gingerbread for dessert.  Now I know what I'm serving at bridge tomorrow night.  Thank you Judy, we loved it!
This sign was outside her door...I think I need one of these year 'round.
The only thing about a good meal and a fire is the fact that I can hardly stay awake.
Night all.


  1. It looks like you had a busy day!

  2. Mmm, that dinner looks superb! What presentation. Your photos are absolutely amazing, Lori. You take close-ups, indoor, outdoor (reflections are excellent) animals, people with equal perfection. Always such a treat to visit your farm. Thanks for the invite. lol. Blessings. Jo

  3. Beautiful shots! Hickory is a beauty...I think that I also need one of those signs.

  4. I love all of that! A visual feast. Mm, mm. Esp. love that red door and the gingerbread and oh, everything! We've been knocked silly by the ferocious wind and rain - and so many leaves came tumbling down.

  5. I knew the 20 picture was going to end up on here :-). And yes, you take the best pictures. I got nothing in your barn that was usable. Must. Try. Again. :-D.

  6. I like the window reflection photos!

  7. Love the sheep card photo and the alpaca/llama...so sweet..partial to the cuddly ones I guess...now it's time to eat...once again your meals make my mouth water!

  8. Dinner looks fabulous.
    Love #20.

  9. Interesting to see Brockport through the eyes of a visiter.

    Guess we're pretty lucky!

  10. Love the sheep lady's crafts. You're always such a busy gal. That food looks so delicious too. I'd fall asleep with a meal like that and a fire too.

  11. Love the photos! So much color in the sky, food, market, and such!


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