Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 There was a glow over everything this morning....beat the heck out of rain!

 As soon as Lily heard the gate open she came out to greet me.
 The sky was magical.

 First I fed the horses and cleaned the stalls...then I picked the pastures.
 Gary put the dogs in the back yard before he left for Java.
 I have a pretty good view of Harley and Dancer (who live across the street).  Only Dancer was in the paddock for the longest time...so I went over to make sure Harley was ok.
 When I got there he came out of the barn.

 They both seemed fine.
 I love the way our house color is coordinated with the barns, but it sure looks different from when it used to be red.  Anyway, I crossed the street and went home to do a little mowing in the corners of the pastures.  The grass gets long there and it is hard to pick the manure.
 After lunch and before my class, I started making dinner.  The beginning of a cauliflower casserole.
Onions, carrots and one whole cauliflower in some chicken stock.
 The usual suspects were in class.

 Pulled out some leeks for Judy before she left (quite an armful).
 Went back in the house and worked on the cheese sauce for my casserole.
 Dumped it over the drained veggies (saved the stock for the cheese sauce).
 Topped it off with 4 chopped eggs and put it in the oven to bubble for awhile (covered).
 Served it with a salad and crusty rolls.
 Went out to do chores at 6.  It was trying to rain (what else is new????).

 Belle says "hello" to her Mama.
 Back to the house before dark.
Put my butt up to the fire and continued to read one of Sharon Creech's books.  Now I am like a wet noodle and could go to bed (it's not even 8 o'clock).
Night all.


  1. That Lily is a sweetheart.
    I read your comment on Kacey's blog - I ride Elvis in Jan's Albion. It's very comfortable for me, and I never notice it, which to me is the best thing you can say about a saddle.

  2. That casserole looked good. Filling and vegetarian. I'm not sure I could get Brett to eat it (not a cauliflower fan) but I was drooling all over the pictures. And your morning light in the first pictures is truly magical.

  3. glow

    what a DAY!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. I just love your dogs and horses. Your house looks like out of a story book and as always the dinner is scrumptious. I must get Bill to try that recipe.

  5. Brian just brought home a head of cauliflower - looks like I now have a new idea about what to do with it - your casserole looked yummy! Adorable animals throughout your day!

  6. Yum...looks like another delish dinner!

  7. My goodness...those leeks are huge!!! Beautiful sky shots.


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